How to Store Shea Butter A Definite Useful Guide

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is skin super food which comes from the shea or Karite tree. It is enriched with vitamin E, A, and F. It has UV protection and gives skin essential fatty acids, and nutrients must substitute for collagen production. It is used in Africa and some other countries to develop hair and skin.

Shea Butter Shelf Life

The ideal type of unrefined shea butter remains up to 24 months from the date of packaging or manufacturing. This is great for shelf life affected by temperature or storage.

Unrefined Shea is great as it is hundred percent natural. There are no preservatives in it. It may happen if one batch or harvest would give different shea instead of other.

If shea butter transit from Ghana to the USA or its packages are en-route to various warehouses which serve our website sales and Amazon, we fail to control the temperature up to hundred percent.

There are many reports that Shea butter is a good product and would remain for a longer period. You may use it two times in a day to nourish or moisturize the scan.

Shea Butter Benefits

Shea Butter Benefits


Shea butter contains fatty acids and natural vitamins. They are helpful for moisturizing or nourishing skin. It is sometimes used to save the skin’s natural oils or used as a remedy for dry skin.

Reduces Inflammation

A study of 2010 found that shea butter is anti-inflammatory as it contains natural properties and cinnamic acid. One compound found here that can reduce skin inflammation named lupeol cinnamate aids to avoid skin mutations. This is great for the people who are suffering from acne.

Skin Smoothing

Shea butter helps skin’s natural collagen production and holds stearic, oleic, lanoline and palmitic acids which nourish and protect the skin to save drying. Many people nourish and protect skin to save from drying. Some people report skin softening as well as strengthening as wrinkle reductions.


If you like to buy shea butter from online, you will see there are lots of stores or market who are selling different brands of the package if different ways.

Storage shea butter

Everything comes from resealable bags to glass jars, aluminum tins or plastic tubs. There is no good way or system to use the shea butter, but they are ideal kinds. See the recommendations:


Plastic has perks; you may get is easy. You can recycle it if you like. The cost of recycling would not cost more. It is very light.

You should not think more about the breaking of the plastic. You may use blue colored plastic or amber if you like to save shea butter from the light.

On the contrary, plastic aims to leach into the things it is holding; it may be water or maybe a plant lipid such as shea butter. It is problematic if the smell of plastic begins to get in the product. So plastic is the less ideal material to keep shea butter in your home.


Aluminum has couples of perks like plastic. It is, also light and you need not think about breakage. It has a smell and does a great job to keep the shea butter fresh.

It has a sleek and edgy look to it that may be fun. It saves Shea from the light, aids to keep from going rancid.

The aluminum container may dent, must have taken if you do not like to happen this. It may be harmful if someone uses it having an allergic problem.


The glass is the far cleanest material to do work with the items of allergies and leaching. It keeps the product fresh inside, dark colored amber or the blue glass may be used to preserve light out as well, this is great.

It is somewhat heavier than plastic or aluminum, and it may break if drops or hits. So great attention must be given to avoid this., Glass has a sleek look and little glass jars make for fun or cute gifts.

What color should my Shea Butter be?

The color of the unrefined Shea Butter relies on Shea nuts used. The color of shea butter varies from white to yellow just like rich butter. So the color varies.

What color should my Shea Butter be

You are not able to detect the authentic or quality shea butter colors. It is very hard and greasy and never be green.

Most of them have creamy color. Shea butter is highly refined pure and fresh and may contain no healing power intact up to the process of refining.

How To Tell If Your Shea Butter Has Expired

If you feel rancid smells, be sure your shea butter is not in good condition. As you are new to unrefined, Raw Shea Butter, you will do mistake its features smokey and nutty smell for rancidness.

We hope we will expand it and will be able to make a difference between smokey smell and rancid smell.

Rancid smell

Create you gag, think olive old have gone bad, or food may be turned. When you shea butter rancid to smells, toss it.

Smokey smell

Smell like the burnt smell very near to the smell of fire up of your wood burn or barbecue. Some batches are smoky than others. All unrefined shea has a detectable smoky smell. If you find shea butter is smoky, you may have got the real thing.

How to tell if shea butter is rancid

Using and purchasing carrier oil is a good idea as it dramatically improves the total quality of your skin. One should not think that the oil is not bad at all. For the plant oils, it is called going rancid. If it happens for once in your life, I am sure you will never use it on your skin.

Some oils are more constant than others if you take very little measures to keep them fresh. You should not think more about going them off. So what is the idea about Shea butter? Does it go rancid, if so, what are you doing to preserve it from going bad?

One super benefit of using Sheba oil is that it is very stable oil and one of the causes for these naturally happening antioxidants it brings. They help to prevent the skin from going rancid and keep the skin fresh and young. So people like the oil very much.

Besides they work as normal preservatives within butter. For this reason, you are choosing this product for using on your skin as a skin care product, or using it straight for the longer shelf life instead of more delicate oils such as grape seed and walnut.

Can you freeze shea butter + can shea butter be refrigerated

Shea Butter is kept or stored in various ways in different containers. One can keep it from a zip lock plastic bag to a plastic container having a lid, to a container or glass.

The brand comes sealed in food grade plastic that is kept inside a resealable kraft bag. As you use the Shea butter, you normally scoop some out of the plastic wrap and then loosely close the plastic bag. After that keep it back in the craft bag and finally seat it.

For an alternative option, you may take it out of the plastic bag and keep it in 1 or more container if you like so. Plastic containers are better, and they do not break easily like glass though glass containers are more strong and insulating.

Keep the shea butter in a container for proper storage. You may keep them in a pantry which will keep it away from the direct heat. Do not keep them on a table under direct sunlight, near to the stove or close to the heating element.

If the temperature reaches up to 75 F, Shea butter may begin to soften up and melts it when the temperature goes up. When you get the temperature is more than 75F in your area, keep the Shea butter in the fridge to avoid more melting and solidifying since it leads to grainy shea butter.

Unpurified Shea butter storage, as well as shelf life, is normally learned. Be strict with our stored procedures and be sure, your shea butter will remain fresh for a long time.

How long does refined shea butter last

  • 100% Raw shea butter –As the materials are pure and have organic substance, it means that it has no processing or additives. If you purchase any amount of unrefined type of shea or the raw that has not been processed in such way. It normally has a shelf life of 12 to 24 months.
  • Unrefined shea butter –I have bought a pound of organic unrefined Shea butter nilotica, and on it, there is a guarantee that it will remain fresh up to 3 years straight without going bad. I have used half of the jar, and I am using it for a year now. Unrefinedly is different from raw as it is untouched as unrefined may filter to remove the impurities like Shea nut bits.
  • Refined shea butter –Refined shea butter is bleached, processed and deodorized to offer it what white color with little having no smell. As it is artificially tampered with, it can last very long without going in a rough condition.

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Shea Butter Benefits 

  • Moisturizing: The concentration of pure vitamins and fatty acids at shea butter which makes it exceptionally nourishing and simmers for the skin. It’s frequently utilized also to help protect the skin’s natural oils and to cure dry skin.
  • Reduces Illness: A 2010 study discovered that thanks to the cinnamic acid and other organic properties, shea butter has been anti-inflammatory. Potentially help prevent skin mutations and 1 compound cinnamate, was found to decrease skin inflammation. This makes it valuable for many people with acne.
  • Skin Care Smoothing: Shea butter assists in your skin’s natural collagen production and Skin to protect against drying. With long-term use, a Lot of People report skin Softening and strengthening in addition to wrinkle reduction.
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