Malden International Designs Friends are the Family Review

The Malden Hinges Picture Frame is a wood picture frame. This photo frame is the best way to convey your deep love and appreciation for your close friend.

You may get the frame inside the box. So you can present it to your dear one for the Christmas gift. Even you can think of your dearest bud.

The Malden International Designs Hinges Picture Frame appears in the form of a Friends’ storybook inside the wood frame.

The Malden International Designs Hinges Picture Frame comes with mirrored glass and a black finish of silver metal border. One can clean the glass very easily.

Malden Grandchildren Storyboard Wall Frame

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The longer you keep more intimacy with somebody, the more difficulties you face offering a Christmas gift. You would like to gift her most valuable thing that he needs most.

But you will get nothing to offer her. There are many gifts in the market. You have to choose something that she likes most. A gift indicates special bond with her.


  • Design screen printed
  • Wood frame along with over-romantic words
  • Super gift idea
  • Frame is great to cherish eventful memories
  • Suggested for a 4` by 6` picture


  • With the low price, the product is great
  • Wonderful quality
  • Elegant


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Malden International Designs Friends are the Family

Question: I have ordered it. This one is said prime. When I have given an order it, I will get the product by Tuesday, 24 December 2013. Now Dec. 28th?

Answer: Good evening. You have asked a very interesting question. Thank you for your question. I want to a customer named Aiko O. perhaps you don’t order from us. We have got all orders from by an Amazon marketplace. Another cause I am thinking not us. Thank you much for thinking our matters.

Question: would you like to send the picture?

Answer: I have bought one for me and put my picture inside it. I also offered it as a gift for someone.

Question: I have read the review of the frame and it is a seafoam green color. Is it sure? It seems tan in the photo.

Answer: This isn’t green to look at. This is like the picture.

User Review on Malden International Designs Friends are the Family

Buying this fantastic frame for the Father’s Day is a tiresome deed for my dad. He prefers to take photos in a different location. So I think it will be a great thing for him to keep the photo.

She was much impressed by the get up of the frame. She found it and wanted to put in it. Besides she commented happily on the size of the frame. At the same time, she praised the construction of the frame.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Many people have bought this frame. They are happy to get it. They give maximum stars for rating. Most of the customer said that they found the frame is very nice. It really works better in our real life than the picture inside the frame.

What The Reviews Have To Say

For this reason, the silver writings show up as white on pictures of the frame. Therefore, you don’t get the full effect of silver against the black frame.


I have got the frame on the eve of my dad father’s day. It is classy and sturdy. It is very beautiful to look at. He liked it very much.

I have kept my picture inside the box and put it again before he opens it. It is a wonderful choice for all the Daddy’s girls.

John J. Millis

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