Malden International Designs Bronze Script Reviews

The frame has good size. It is solid and nice as well. You will face a problem when you set picture in there. The picture holding space is limited and more vertical than horizontal. I tried to keep the picture inside the frame. It doesn’t fit with the frame well.

Malden Bronze Script Mom Picture Frame with One Opening

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You notice an empty spot where the picture ends. If you buy this frame, you have to take a vertical picture to use it. The frame is very attractive. I suggest everyone buy this frame.


  • Exchange a memory with father
  • A bronzed casted metal frame
  • Bronze finished frame
  • Special moments carry special memories


  • Get up is nice
  • Reasonable price and quality product.
  • The product is splendid but smaller than I hope
  • Nice to look at


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Malden International Designs Bronze Script

Question: Is it a hanging picture frame?

Answer: This is not a hanging frame at all. Let me say something about it. There are many hones around, but be creative with some tacks. One can hang it very easily if he or she is a bit careful about it. This is really not made for such purposes but it may also be done.

Question: What will be the size of the picture that will enter the frame?

Answer: About 4×4

Question: Does it come with the right size of the photo inside the frame?

Answer: Yeah. As you have an intention to make your picture with that size, you may take help from a cardboard cutout. Trace the area you like to cut the photo then cut it at last.

What Others Say About Malden International Designs Bronze Script

I have bought a frame for my wife on the eve of Mothers day. The frame is made with great care. Luckily the frame is accurate of my daughter’s handprint to adjust with the frame.

What Others Say About Malden International Designs Bronze Script

My wife likes this frame very much. She has displayed it very proudly. It looks very nice and fit with my décor very well.

When my wife snaps a picture, I will update this frame to see what it looks like with handprint.

My daughter is only 1.5 years old. If you desire to have something with similar function, you may luck out. I am very happy to see its making system and its value.


The size of the frame is good. It is solid and very nice. The only problem is to set picture inside the frame. Space, where the picture goes, is bit smaller and is more vertical than horizontal.

I have used the horizontally oriented picture. It doesn’t fit well with the frame. Where the picture ends, there is an empty spot.

When you buy a frame, be sure you keep a picture which is taken vertically. Except this, the frame is very nice. I recommend other to use this frame.

John J. Millis

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