How to Thin Chocolate! A Basic Guide to Thin Down For Digestion

Chocolate owes its melt-in-the-mouth taste to cocoa butter, its own rich as well as palate-pleasing natural fat. Chocolate with having lots of cocoa butter desires to be runny and thin if it melts a wonderful feature when you are coating or dipping sweet in chocolate.

When you see the chocolate is thin enough, you can add more cocoa butter. But it is very difficult to find and expensive as well. Coconut oil has same features and is found in most of the supermarkets, makes it a convenient substitute.

Double-Boiler Method

Step 1

Select a little saucepan to use the base of a double boiler. And then clean glass bowl to the upper half. The bowl must sit comfortably on top of the sauce pan but do not make contact with the water under it.

Step 2

Keep water in your saucepan and warm it for sometimes. Do not reach it to the boiling level. Pour grated chocolate, chocolate chips, and chocolate pieces into the dish and add about one tablespoon of coconut oil for every cup of its pieces. Keep the bowl over the pan of hot water.

Step 3

Keep chocolate in a pot full of hot water and then shake it softly as long as it melts well. Take out the bowl from double boiler set up and constantly shake until the last few lumps of chocolate melt.

Step 4

Notice the velocity of the chocolate by dipping one of the sweets or some pieces of fruits into it. When it makes a perfectly thin, smooth coat, you get the right consistency. If it is very thin, mix some more pieces of chocolate to make it thicken. Though it is still thicker, add some teaspoons of coconut oil and shake it until it melts. Return the bowl to the double boiler as needed.

Step 5

If you are pleased with the chocolate’s consistency, you would like to dip the remaining treat once again.

Microwave Method

Step 1

Keep chocolate in a big microwaveable bowl. Use one tablespoon of coconut oil for every cup of chocolate piece.

Step 2

Microwave the dish of chocolate pieces for 30 seconds with 50% power, then take it out and shake it. Most of the pieces may be starting to warm to this point, but shaking is a great factor as the piece heat unevenly inside the microwave.

Step 3

Give back the chocolate to the microwave and use heat continuously at half power, in 20 to 30-second increments. Shake it every time as long as chocolate is 2/3 melted. After that, leave it out and constantly shake until the chocolate is melted totally.

Step 4

Plunge a little amount of fruit into the chocolate to ensure its consistency. When it very thick adds another teaspoon of coconut oil. Then stir it until it melts completely. Since it is very thin, add a bit chocolate. You have to return the bowl to the microwave for few seconds to be sure it melts wonderfully.

Melted chocolate is being used as a dip to make pastries, fruits, and some other sweet indulgences. When the dipping chocolate is very thick, it may overpower the food dipped into it and not adhere to the surface.

The system of make dipping chocolate is a bit thinner. Do not use higher heat to add a liquefying agent. One simple ingredient and ten minutes are needed to thin out the dipping chocolate.

  1. Prepare your item to be dipped

If you do like to experiment and practice, Oreo cookies are a wonderful thing for starting point. Put the items in room temperature and make it wholly dry. Dampness may seize the chocolate.

Therefore, it would be best to dry out or drain for ten minutes if you like to damp items and dipping fruits. Confirm to pat them dry prior beginning.

  1. Choose an appropriate container

You are dipping in pretzel rods; it will be a good idea to melt the chocolate in a big skinny glass. It keeps the chocolate high on to your rod. If you have a little amount of chocolate, melting in a shallow cup or custard bowl will be better.

It makes the chocolate higher in the container as you are fully able to submerge the treats. If you have a big amount of chocolate, it does not matter where you like to melt it. Be sure it must be microwave safe.

  1. Melt your chocolate

Cut or break your chocolate into small pieces. Use power fifty percent in the microwave for thirty seconds, shake after every interval. After one minute and thirty seconds, melt in intervals of ten to fifteen seconds only.

Melt your chocolate

Do not make the chocolate very hot. If the mixture is about to smooth, do not microwave once again, stir a few minutes, let the chocolate permit to melt well.

You desire to get the chocolate to be of dipping consistency meaning is very thin. A thin chocolate covers the dipping item evenly and smoothly and may drip off wonderfully.

As the chocolate melts completely and still there is nothing, you have to add some vegetables and shortening oil to thin it out.

  1. Dip your item

Be sure the chocolate is not very hot and not very cool. When you do your practice, you know that your chocolates are dipping best good temperature.

Dip your item

Keep them to be dipped on the chocolate dipping spoon or fork and dip straight down to your chocolate mixture. As the chocolate is not deep, more for the things to plunge entirely. Dip your item half way or tilt the container to you nearly 45 degrees to create a small pillow or chocolate ahead that is deep more to cover your treatment.

If you have the desire, you may roll the treat round in the chocolate. You may turn it for sometimes to obtain it wholly coated. Draw the item back out with chocolate dipping spoon or fork.

TAP the spoon or fork softly on the side of the container. It will carry additional chocolate to the container and leave less of the puddle if you fit the treat down to cool. This may aid you to have a smooth coat for your treat.

  1. Place your dipped treat onto a parchment lined tray

The parchment can preserve the chocolate from sticking. A Silpat is the other option. Since the entire treats are dipped, place the tray in the refrigerator if like to cool them rapidly.

Place your dipped treat onto a parchment lined tray

You may use the freezer also. But rapid cooling of chocolate may cause cracks in your chocolate, so I do not suggest you that.

  1. Remove from freezer when set and package up or consume

You can keep treats inside the refrigerator. But you need to know that chocolate may bloom or turn grainy by keeping them in the refrigerator for few days.

It is possible by keeping them in the refrigerator, but I found cool temperature exacerbates the separation.

Melting chocolate: How to melt and temper chocolate

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