How To Get Rid Of Runny Nose With Allergies or Cold

What Cause a Runny Nose?

At first, your most significant duty is to find out the cause behind your runny nose to take better treatment. Normally, a runny nose may stem from one of the following causes:

  • Allergies: For such case taking over the counter pill may be the possible solution.
  • Cold/flu: Flu and cold may come anytime and be the reason of your nose running hard. Since you get a runny nose from cold or flu, our tips are to stop it by the Natural Home Remedies by helping more. Since the symptoms remain for a long period, it is highly suggested to consult with a doctor.
  • Stress: Yes, stress is the reason of a runny nose. For people are who are under pressure, their immune system may be affected making it more vulnerable. It explains the reason why some people seem to have a runny nose all very often.

Take the overdose of antihistamine if you are suffering from allergies. Apply decongestants or steam if your nose is runny for a cold. Then blow the nose if it is frequently clogged.

Take more rest when you are not well. You can think some other remedies like massages, medication, irrigation, and pressure.

Try to find out the more causes of having a runny nose and get the most effective treatment.

How to stop a runny nose instantly

A runny nose can be caused by few factors like illnesses, allergies like a sinus infection and the common cold, cold air and annoyance from dust and so on. Among them, common allergies and colds are the usual reasons.

So, what is the way to stop a runny nose rapidly? Good, your best bet may be to take few over the counter medications.

If any of these remedies may not heal general cold or cut down its cycle- This is certain that viral infections have taken the full course. It will aid more to develop a nasal discharge or other related symptoms like eyes, congestion, watery eyes, fever and itchy nose.

Steroid nasal sprays

Steroid nasal sprays may aid to end a runny nose quickly. It brings anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties of steroid nasal sprays which aid to fight against nasal discharge as well as congestion.

They are found in different forms like Fluticasone furoate (Veramyst), Beclomethasone (Beconase) and Fluticasone propionate (Flonase).

By the side with steroid nasal sprays, spoken steroids like Methylprednisolone can also be used.


On the other hand, decongestants can help more to stop the nasal jamming which sometimes accompanies a runny nose and makes breathing easier. They work more by lessening the inflamed blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Along with, they decrease the width of a blood vessel on the sclera, as a result cutting down on eye reddening.

Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine are the usual decongestant medications.

They are made with drugs which contain both antihistamines and decongestants.

Clean your nose as usual. If the nose seems runny, blow it through. The top graded way to maintain a runny nose is to alter the fluid.

how to get rid of runny nose

When you fail to manage to obtain the irritant out of the nostrils, attempt a net pod or some nasal irritant product.

Softly massage your nose in the middle of the eyes and earlobes to simple sinus pressure. The points of the body may be used to relax the sinuses, aid to slow down the flow of a runny nose.

Use light force to every nostril, close and open them with slow speed. Rinse the above eyes and on the earlobes to finish the methods.

  • You may apply a washcloth soaked in the warm water for getting first-rate results.

Apply steam to remove discomfort. It has the power to remove mucus which is produced by the runny noses. You may take hot shower or bath or turn on a humidifier or may lean over a pot or a bowl of hot water.

You can also add camphor spirit, eucalyptus oil, soda and peppermint for an extra kick.

For more manage symptoms use supplements and medication. There are lots of prescriptions and more counter pills, sprays and cream to aid control your runny nose including:

  • Nasal sprays, likely those having olopatadine.
  • Vapor rubs as well as topical decongestants.
  • Zinc and magnesium complement may aid open up the cells and nasal passageway

Few others easy steps to get rid off

Few others easy steps to get rid off

  1. Use Saline Spray

Mucus and runny noses will get very annoying but thinning your mucus may aid rid the symptoms. Purchase a nasal spray or prepare your personal by dissolving a ¼ teaspoon of salt in two cups of hot distilled water. You may use a suction bulb to keep in one nostril at a time and inhale it up. Apply as required, and you may be on your path to a quick recovery.

  1. Bedtime Remedy

We hate sleeping with a runny nose. It is difficult to get comfortable, randomly reaching the tissue, arguing which part to face. Here is the top position: prop the head up and remove about ten inches to aid nasal discharge drain rather than running down your throat for having a bitter cold for a longer time.

  1. Take a Hot Shower

Receive the steam at the time of taking a shower. The warm steam may unclog your nose and may slay the viruses, causing the sinuses to drain. Bonus tip: keep your bathroom steam up prior hopping in and waste more minutes hunting up that congestion

  1. Mustard oil

To remove a runny nose, you can use mustard oil. It is very effective as well as simple remedy. Choose half cup boiled vapor water and add two tbsp of mustard oil into it. After that inhale vapor with taking a long breath. Do it several times in a day to clean the nose.

  1. Invest in a Humidifier

As a runny nose is coupled with or turns to congestion, dry air in the bedroom may be the culprit. Drying and thickening out mucus in your throat and nose. Attempt a humidifier, and you are sleeping to clear out the sinuses you may wake up being able to stink the spring flowers bloom.

Preventive Measure To Avoid a runny nose

Preventive Measure To Avoid a runny nose

  1. Massaging is the finest part

You are experiencing runny nose. You would prefer to get rid of a runny nose then you must follow some preventive actions like massaging on the nasal areas.

The method is very back-dated but helpful. Place your index finger on the eye cavity that is little far from the inner corner of the eyes. Apply round motion to massage the whole area.

Do not do it excessively. 30 second is enough. The first time you may feel nausea when you do it. The method is very useful to a runny nose from coming back to its place again.

  1. Eat one green chili every day

Eating green chilly is the best way to resist from stuffed or congested, runny nose or other cold allergy issues. Eat a medium size green chili at the time of taking your supper or lunch.

There is a huge amount of vitamin C in green chili that aids you to fight with sinus or some other cold-related problems.

  1. Humid weather is a must needed thing

If you possess stuffed or a runny nose, it is wiser to cope with the habit of humidification. Dry weather makes your nostril area drier and makes the runny nose condition even worse.

Make a habit of taking stem from the bowl, mug or take a warm steam bath. When you face runny rose, you need to apply humidifier to escape from congested issues.

  1. Spicy Food Can Sometimes Give Better Solution

You can take spicy food to avoid stuffed nose. Some people say that they feel bored when they get spicy food before a runny nose.

When someone eats spicy food, the new nasal disposer may come off and ensure you a better solution. Attempt to eat mustard oil or Wasabi oil if you are having a stuffy nose or a runny nose.

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