Wool Duvets Review! A Lovely Item for Your Comfy Sleep

It's that time of the year, and you need to make sure you have something by the side you can roll up in case you are feeling warm or cold. If you don't have that, then you are welcome to read this wool duvets review.

Duvets are bedroom essentials. If you want to have the best night’s sleep, you must be willing to invest in a duvet like the wool to create that atmosphere for you. The truth is wool duvets are more than guaranteeing you some night’s sleep.

During summer, wool duvets do well to remove excess moisture and heat from your body. In the spring or autumn period, it provides enough warmth to your body. Today, several companies are making different wool duvets. Some are coming at a price cheaper than the other, while others are coming in luxurious designs.

Several wool duvets come in sizes and togs, and we shall discuss more on them in the wool duvets review section.

OrganicTextiles All-Natural Australian Wool Filled Bed Comforter (Queen Size, Heavyweight), with 100% Organic Cotton Covering, 350 Thread Count, 400 GSM Fill, Temperature Regulation, Skin Sensitive
  • AUSTRALIAN WOOL FILLING: 100% Fine Aussie Wool filling that adheres to strict regulations given by the country to give you the safest best wool. All-Natural wool helps better wick away moisture to Regulate Temperature since it’s not treated with any harmful sprays or ingredients and retains its natural fibers. 100% ANIMAL CRUELTY-FREE.
  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON COVER: Covered with an All-Organic Cotton Sateen cover for a Luxurious Look. Original cotton fiber quality with a soft feel and a more durable cover.

OrganicTextiles wool is a natural Australian wool duvet that can wick away moisture to keep your body temperature. Since it's made with natural wool, there is no room for causing any allergy. 

This wool filled duvet is manufactured in South California by OrganicTextiles. This trusted company is famed for making many home products, such as pillows, bed sheets, mattress pads, duvets, etc. This hypoallergenic wool duvet is renewable, natural, and environmental-friendly because it's made from naturally-occurring wool. 

In terms of breathability, this wool duvet isn't lacking. It's resistant to odor and absorbs moisture quickly to release it into the air. Once the moisture is released into the air, the duvet will keep dry, facilitating a better sleep environment.

OrganicTextiles wool comforter is safe and non-toxic. It is not treated with chemicals that can affect the respiratory organs, unlike some cheap materials. In fact, there are no chemicals involved from planting to the processing stage. It's GOT certified, which means it's safe for the environment and the consumer.

Overall, this is a product that will comfort you and makes it easy for you to sleep more securely.


  • Absorbent – This wool material is highly absorbent, which makes wicking moisture easy.
  • Hypoallergenic – The wool being hypoallergenic makes it possible for people with allergies to be able to use it. 
  • Good at Regulating Body Temperature – The wool keeps you dry and cool at all temperatures.
  • Biodegradable - Organic Textiles wool duvet is environmentally-friendly, and won’t hurt the environment if it’s washed.
  • Can be machine washed - It's machine washable due to the non-addition of chemicals or additives.
  • Long-lasting - It’s wool and will last for a long time if you care for it.


  • It's Heavy – The material is slightly heavy when using it. This is due to the wool material.
Sleep & Beyond myPad Washable Wool Mattress Pad, Twin XL, Natural - 39 by 81-Inch
  • Washable wool mattress pad for full night's rejuvenating sleep
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer; Encased in unbleached natural cotton percale fabric, 270TC

Sleep & Beyond is another durable wool duvet that is 100% natural. This mattress pad will not only keep you comfortable but keep your skin safe.

It is made with pure, hypoallergenic materials that will not itch or irritate your skin. If you have one skin allergy or the other, this mattress pad will be the perfect choice of a pad. No more allergic reactions!

The pleasant scent emanating from the wool mattress pad helps you to relax and breathe safely. It assures you that the product is pure wool and free from any toxic chemicals. This will enhance sleep and give you more comfort.

Sleep & Beyond is the perfect balance between heat and cooling. In other words, this pad wicks away moisture from your body to prevent overheating, keeping the body cool. At the same time, it provides enough warmth needed to survive in cold weather season.

This is 100% machine washable, so you don't need to be afraid of the material fading. The quality is outstanding and will stay in years to come if you adhere to strict hygiene and washing practice.


  • It's Machine Washable - The material can be washed in a machine, without damaging the material or reducing its lifespan.
  • Toxic-free - Free from toxic chemicals that make breathing difficult.
  • Keeps the body cool - Regulates the body temperature by wicking away moisture from the body so that you feel relaxed.
  • Comfortable – Since it’s wool, the material is soft and comfortable on the body, which facilitates sleep.
  • Certified – The safety of the duvet cannot be questioned as its GOT certified.
  • GOTS certified.


  • It's Dense - It's dense, but understandable since it's a mattress pad that's meant to provide extra padding.

This is another product from Sleep & Beyond that we are reviewing on this list. This proves that the company is no pushover when it comes to making quality, natural wool mattresses.

If you are looking for a mattress topper that you can use in all seasons, this is the product to go for. Sleep & Beyond organic merino wool mattress topper is free from allergens and toxic chemicals that can hamper your breathing. Breathe more naturally, and enjoy your rest from the comfort of this incredible topper. 

The mattress topper or duvet is made from merino, a type of wool that comes from a sheep with a similar name. This wool mattress topper is resistant to dust mites, bugs, and any other insect that may lower the quality of the product. The product is certified and offers balanced sleep support during sleep. Sleep all-year-round with this product, and you will never have to complain about pain, rheumatism, or arthritis.

For proper relaxation, this product removes moisture from the body to keep it fresh. Besides, this mattress topper has been proven to slow the pulse rate, which is good for relaxation as well. The body gets comfortable sleep throughout the year and beyond.

This product can last for quite a long time if you care for it. Since there are no chemical additives infused in the manufacture, you can safely wash the material in a tub machine.


  • Great Value for Price – This wool duvet comes at an excellent price that will leave you in awe.
  • Regulates Body temperature - Works perfectly in regulating body temperature by keeping it fresh. 
  • Eliminates body pains -  Eliminate arthritis and body pains by offering a balanced sleep.
  • Chemical-free - Made from naturally-occurring wool from merino sheep, which makes it free from toxic chemicals.


  • Sizing - You need to be careful about the size of the bed you want to put this topper on, as it’s big.

If you have a king-size bed, the Eddie Bauer mountain plaid duvet would be wide enough to cover you from cold.

For just a little investment, you will get this durable and premium quality duvet cover. This wool duvet cover package contains one duvet cover plus two king shams to decorate your throw pillow. 

Eddie Bauer has been in the business of making super-quality beddings that compliments the style of the user. From plaids to comfortable throw pillows, novelty sheets to blankets, Eddie Bauer provides full beddings products and accessories that will make the home radiant.

The plaid duvet is a simple looking wool duvet, yet it is stylish, and the scarlet red will go well with your home design. The plaids for throw pillow is the same color as the duvet and made so to give a matching outfit. The duvet will undoubtedly provide some warmth and comfort to the user. The cover has inside ties to hold the comforter in place to avoid slipping too often.


  • Great Comforter - The duvet is a great comforter, especially during the spring period.
  • Right Size - The duvet comes at the size that’s Ideal for a king-size bed.
  • Soft - The cotton material is fluffy, which will enhance relaxation.
  • Impressive Design - The color design is impressive and cool, which adds beauty to the room.
  • Affordable – At the price of this duvet, you can’t get similar duvet.
  • It's Machine Washable – Unlike some duvets that are impossible to machine wash, you can wash this one in a machine.


  • Stitching Quality is Questionable - Stitching quality doesn't seem good. Some models do not have tie-downs.
Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Rustic Windowpane 100% Cotton Flannel Duvet Cover Set, Full / Queen, Grey and Red
  • Varying shades of grey stripes on an ivory background are accented by a touch of red for an update to the classic windowpane design. The incredibly soft, breathable flannel will be comfortable to your skin while keeping you toasty warm all night.
  • Duvet: 92"L x 90"W Shams: 20"L x 30"W

Stone & Beam is a brand in Portugal that makes good quality, soft, and breathable wool material that is comfortable on your skin. This breathable soft material will keep your skin warm all night during cold periods. There is no doubt about the softness of this material, especially as it’s 100% cotton.

This package includes a duvet cover with two shams for decorating your throw pillows. The duvet cover is enough to cover a king-size bed and a queen-size bed.

One good thing about these lovely duvet cover and shams is that they are affordable. Unlike some 2-in-1 duvet that you will need to spend so much, you can get this fantastic cover for less than an average duvet.


  • Machine Washable - The duvet cover is machine washable.
  • Soft Material - Material is incredibly soft on the skin, which provides an environment for sleep.
  • Provides Warmth - Provides the warmth that your body needs.
  • 2-in-1 - Comes in a 2-in-1 package. You get a duvet plus two covers for your throw pillows.
  • Affordable - It is excellently priced. You don’t need to fork out so much money to buy a quality duvet.


  • May lose its quality - The duvet cover may lose its softness over time, especially if it’s washed frequently.
LINENSPA All Season Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter, Queen, White
  • Ultra-soft, all-season microfiber comforter with 8 built-in corner and side loops to secure your favorite duvet cover
  • Microfiber down alternative fill has a 300 gsm fill weight; Provides the cozy comfort of down without the feathers, odor, and sharp quills

The comforter is very warm and extremely light. I have become a fan of down comforter for a long time, but I like to attempt a wool one.

The reason is with the down vision, you will get feathers or down coming out for sometimes, and it has some unavoidable cold sports which form.

I am happy with the warm comfort and pleasant to have the chance to sleep having a wool comforter.

The helmet is made well like other helmets. There are some loops at every corner which are added to the hooks or buttons inside the duvet cover. The design is well to keep the helmet in a fixed place.


  • The weight, as well as thickness, is super
  • It is warm
  • As the materials are great unlike goose down, it remains in one place in a duvet cover
  • The size is great but can be a little oversized. It is fine as it fills out a duvet cover.


  • I like to use overheat
Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Corner Duvet Tabs - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill

Wool is high performance and nature best insulator fabric. We kept one thing in mind and made the Herington wool comforter.

The manufacturers are making most comfortable, highest quality and warmest comforter that you have never owned.

We have added luxury finishes and applied the latest technology to make the Herington comforter.

The wool comes from the highest and finest wool from the sheep of Australia. It is regarded as having the best wool in the world.

The Herington comforter is made of 100 % Japara cotton shell. The positive side of Japara is that it makes shell which is durable and hot, makes it the perfect companion to get high standard Australian Wool fill.

Australian wool makes an amazing loft. Besides it enhances insulation properties; the result is the good sleeping environment.

A corded hem confirms functional and beautiful finish. Quilting was connected to put the fill from bunching or shifting.


  • Splendid value for the price
  • The merit of using Jabara cotton is that it makes a shell which is very durable and soft. It makes the perfect companion for top quality Australian Wool fill.
  • Comforters are made of hundred percent cotton shells


  • Nothing to worry about
Xawy Phone Case Screen Protector
  • Xawy phone case screen Protector

100% Natural Australian Wool fulfills the cotton comforter. Wool is a type of natural fiber which is flame retardant and hypoallergenic.

Box stitch construction put the fill in the right place, prevents bunching. 500 thread count cotton outer gives luxurious feel by the soft hand.

It is suggested using dry cleaning. It is also used a duvet cover for the duvet insert or comforter.


  • It is very difficult to find woolen quilts in the USA
  • Warm as well as nice
  • Very price friendly and quality of the price is above aspiration


  • Nothing to worry about
Fogarty Pure Wool Duvet, King by Fogarty

A Fogarty Wool Duvet is made from 100% New Zealand wool. It is great for giving more grandeur and comfort for your bed. For having wool properties, it is anti allergenic for which it saves from bacteria and dust mites.

One can sleep well on it at night. Wool is famous for temperature regulating so does not need a top rating cause it really best products.

It keeps wood toasty in winter and cools in summer months. The duvet has a cotton and breathable cover for recreation and a polypropylene inner liner that allows the product to rinse at 40 degree Celsius and tumble dried.

People are aware of the importance of the night’s sleep. It is a must for sleeping in bed at night. Therefore choosing a bed is very essential for a man to spend time at night.

Fogarty is manufacturing duvets and pillows over 100 years in the heart of Lincolnshire. It is keeping its reputation for a long time for making full range high quality filled bedding products to outfit everyone’s demand.


  • For personal comfort individual climate zone
  • Popular to lessen heart rates for relaxed sleeping.
  • Breathable for instant moisture transfer- gives you comfort
  • Bacteria and dust mites resistant naturally

How to Choose Wool Duvets

The main things you should consider when buying a wool duvet is the tog and size. 


Do you intend on using the same wool duvet all-year-round, or will you have different ones that you can interchange between seasons? This is where tog comes in.

The tog is a measure of the warmth of a duvet. This means that the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. During the winter period, people would prefer to have a duvet with a high tog rating for more warmth. Those in the summer period would prefer a duvet with a low tog rating for less warmth.

Usually, the ratings for a tog is between 1 - 15. 1-4 represents low tog and is better for summer because they provide less warmth. Tog between 10-15 is much warmer and is suitable for winter.

However, most wool duvets come in all-season sets. You get two duvets in one package. This means that you get to choose which one you want to use for a certain period, while you reserve the other for other periods.

For example, if you are in the summer period, the light duvet, which is less than 4.0 tog, is what you will use. The heavier one, which is around 10.5, will be suitable for Spring and autumn. During the winter period, you can combine both. This is what all-season sets mean. 


There are different sizes of duvets that correspond to the sizes of mattresses. The size of a wool duvet for a king-size bed or double bed is different from that of a single bed. Duvet sizes for the emperor-size bed are the biggest, measuring 290cm X 235cm. The smallest, which is the cot bed, measures 120cm X 150cm. 

The Benefit of a Pure-Wool Duvet

There is a reason why people love pure-wool duvet. Wool duvets are not a popular option, but they are certainly one of the best types of duvets around. It creates the perfect atmosphere for sleep. Wool duvets adjust to the individual and the environment and leave the body in a blissful state. Other benefits of a pure-wool duvet are:

  • It’s excellent at retaining heat, keeping you warm when cold.
  • Wicks away moisture and heat when you are warm.
  • Wool is biodegradable and renewable, which makes it environmentally friendly.
  • It’s hypoallergenic, which makes the material resistant to dust mites and other insects.

Which Should You Choose: Down Duvets Vs. Wool Duvets

Down duvets are famous for being breathable, lightweight, cozy, and incredibly warm. Most times, down duvets, are combined with feathers to provide better heat retention. Down duvets are usually lighter and fluffier.

Wool duvets, as we have described, also excellent at retaining heat and are naturally hypoallergenic, which is a plus on their side. Comparing the two duvets, one would see the wool as the better option. The fact that it's resistant to dust mites makes it the winner. People who are allergic to down won't find it as an attractive choice.

However, down duvets are lighter than wool, which can make a buyer reconsider his options, although this depends on the tog.

Is it Worth Buying a Wool Duvet?

From all indications and user reviews, it's worth investing your money in a wool duvet. Despite its high cost, it's the perfect duvet for both warm and cold weather conditions. This means that you get a 2-in-1 wool duvet for the price of one. Being hypoallergenic is a plus, and something that you should consider if you have one or two issues about allergy.

Why wool duvets

We have lots of reason to choose a wool duvet inner (known as a wool doona by Australian friends or a wool comforter in the USA) instead of choosing a feather or down option.

We are aware that regular body temperature is a key factor which may influence the quality of sleep. Down duvet inners and wool may keep you warm on a cool night and there is something soft and lovely about down comforters that seem very comfortable for one’s bed.

Down duvet inners are a super insulator, but the reality is that it is all that they do. They cannot manage moisture like wool. There is proof that human can lose up 1 liter of water every night through perspiration when we sleep.

For the package of bedding which maintains this moisture for you, most of this moisture will soak up your mattress; creates the good breeding ground for dust mites. The attendance of that moisture exaggerates skin state like eczema and some other allergies. Wool wicks dampness away from your body and maintains the microclimate which remains at the time of your sleep.

A Tencel duvet or wool has better moisture management ability for a down comforter. Besides, it reduces the discomfort reason of night sweat ladies can experience at the time of menopause.

For having natural properties, wool is low allergenic whereas down and feathers can worsen allergies and breathing problems.

Wool duvet inners may be useful for asthma patients over time. Feather duvet inners may disintegrate generating dust that may exaggerate breathing allergies and promote the attendance of dust mites.

There are five stages of sleep

Stage 1 – A dreamy stage in which we normally awake by the noise or movement. The lasting time is five to ten minutes.

Stage 2 – It is little deeper, the temperature of the body starts to decrease, and the heart rate starts to slow down. Remains for 20 minutes.

Stage 3 – It is the translation of deep sleep and light, and the brain slows down

Stage 4 – The duration of a deep sleep only thirty minutes and returns us to the stage three and leads back to cycle to stage five sleep. In this stage, body regenerates the cell and repair the damage.

Stage 5 – It is known as REM sleep that normally comes after ninety minutes of falling into deep sleep. The active increased activity of brain promotes to dreams and decrease of physical activity save you acting out the dreams. Babies spend half of their time to sleep in stage five. With age the stage five reduces.

We have to go through these stages in a cycle for all night. For external factors of decrease, comfort may interrupt the cycle and wake you up.

This is the study of science that sleeping on the wool bedding ensures 25% more deep sleep than the bedding types.

It means that the stage 4 and stage 5 sleep is important for cell regeneration and health and overall feeling of the morning. We should sleep over it to see how comfortable on the bedding.

Temperature Regulating

We have seen that we do not give wool duvets to a set of tog rating, there is a good reason behind it.

Tog rating came in the year 1940s when the man made fabric and fiber to measure thermal resistance.

Synthetic will ensure particular thermal value, one layer of polyester insulates to x, two layers insulate 2x, three layers 3x, etc…

Today we connect tag along with bedding, and all bedding must have tog rating.

Wool fibers are very clever to single warmth rating as it appears to insulation.

It keeps the wool sleep if the weather is hot or warm. They do not feel much hotter as the wool grows thicker.

Wool fibers keep you at a steady temperature- a good adaptation to enjoy the freedom of bedding.

How to clean a wool duvet - Video

Wool Duvets FAQs

1. Are wool duvets any good?

Based on several duvet materials in the market, wool duvets are considered arguably the best. Most wool duvets are hypoallergenic and keep you warm when you are feeling cold. When your body starts to feel warm, they keep your body cool by removing excess heat.

2. Which is better between wool or silk duvet?

Wool duvets possess wicking properties that absorb moisture from the body to keep your body warm. However, they are not machine washable and tend to be expensive. Silk material is for budget-conscious people and has low maintenance. As regards other features, such as being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, both the silk and wool duvet are the same.

3. Do wool duvets smell?

At first, wool duvets will smell a little because it’s made from organic matter. However, the smell isn’t dangerous and will quickly go away after some washing.

4. Which is warmer between down or wool?

Because down primarily consists of duck and goose feathers, they tend to hold heat better. In other words, they provide natural insulation than any other material. Down duvets are lightweight and breathable, but can't get wet. This is where wool duvet wins.

5. Do you need to wash a wool duvet?

Over time, you will need to wash your wool duvet because it will accumulate dirt. For a deeper clean, you can machine wash a wool duvet, with a wool setting and using a wool detergent. Ensure you spin-dry it thoroughly to remove excess water. Otherwise, it will not dry thoroughly.

6. How often should wool duvets be washed?

The general recommendation is that wool duvets be washed every few months (two to three months). Although, some manufacturers recommend that a six-monthly deep clean is more accurate.

7. How long do wool duvets last?

Most wool duvets last for many years. This is because the wool material is resistant to wear and is harder than other materials like cotton and silk. Practicing proper hygiene maintenance on your wool duvet is key to its longevity.

8. Is wool resistant to dust mites?

Wool doesn’t attract dust mites because it naturally creates a cold environment, which is detrimental to the existence of dust mites. So wool resists dust mites to a significant degree.

Final Words & Recommendation

Duvets aren’t there just for fun. Possessing one will protect you from the weather by either keeping you warm or cold. Apart from being expensive and chunkier, they are better at retaining heat. They keep you warm in Spring and removes excess heat when you are warm. This is what we have learned in this wool duvets review.

The design is also impressive, and choosing the right color will complement the look of the bedroom. So wool duvets aren't just for protection alone and can add more beauty to your home.

Based on the products reviewed, we recommend the OrganicTextiles wool comforter duvet and the Sleep & Beyond wool mattress pad. These two products are durable and excellent in quality. Stone & Beam Rustic Windowpane Duvet is another good quality duvet if you are concerned about budget.

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