The Best Wool Duvets

A duvet is a kind of bedding made of the soft flat bag which is filled with feathers, silk, wool or a synthetic alternative.

It is covered with a removable cover, and analogous to a pillowcase or a pillow. Sleepers like to use a duvet on the top of the bed as it is simple to remove and do laundry.

The superb quality is taken from the eider duck. It is known effectiveness for the thermal insulator.

Wool Duvets Reviews – Comparison Chart

Product ImageShipping WeightDimensionEditor's Rating

Premium 100% Australia Wool Duvet Insert Queen

8.2 pounds23 x 19 x 12 inches4.7 out of 5 stars

Herington Australian Wool Full/Queen Comforter

10.2 pounds90 x 90 inches4.9 out of 5 stars

100% Natural Australian Wool Duvet Insert/Comforter

13.2 pounds96 x 106 x 0.5 inches4.5 out of 5 stars

Fogarty wool duvet

4.8 out of 5 stars

In Australian English, the duvet is known as a doona. To the Americans, it is called a comforter.

Whatever it may be, the comforter is little different types of bedding that does not have cover or not thick and used over the top sheet.

In the United Kingdom duvet is popularly known as a quilt from the introduction from continental Europe from the year 1960s to the mid-1970s.

At present, modern duvel is filled with down or have many features and silk, cost, cotton, wool or with artificial fibers like polyester batting.

Duvets reduce the complexity of making the bed as they are used on the top sheet, quilts, blankets or other bed covers. Duvet is warmer than the blankets except becoming heavy.

It fits well over the made cover, particularly on cotton or cotton polyester blend.

It may be laundered or removed as the pillow cases or bottom sheet. The duvet is cleaned well rely on the content or needs special dry cleaning.

A comforter is just like the duvet regarding construction but used in a different way. In the US, the comforter is now being used on the top of the flat sheet or without cover.

Choosing a Comforter

Quite a couple of years back now, I made a mistake when I purchased a duvet for winter. I believed like most individuals here from the Northeast I wished to be toasty warm in winter, so I bought the Hypodown “Arctic burden.”

I’ve ended up throwing this comforter to a side in the middle of the night feeling so hot. I felt as though I had been going to burst in flames! To make clear, it was not only me even my husband that feels just like a lump of ice in winter whined at times that he had been too sexy!

If you don’t keep your bedroom about 60ºF or under, then a timeless weight will be comfier.

Additionally, I purchased an “Oversize King” and might never do this again, as off-the-shelf duvet covers don’t exist in that dimensions along with the custom one I’d made seemed to bring an embarrassing quantity of weight on me, which had been the final thing I wanted, having only indulged in buying the cloud-like 800-fill top-of-the-line comforter.

One thing that you should understand is that while it’s possible to avoid allergies down using Hypo down Comforters you are still going to have to use a dust mite cover if you’re allergic to dust mites.

For me, that adds an annoying quantity of burden to my quilt, which explains the reason why I have been experimenting in the past few years with both silk and wool comforters as options.


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Premium 100% Australia Wool Duvet Insert Queen

Premium 100% Australia Wool Duvet Insert Queen

The comforter is very warm and extremely light. I have become a fan of down comforter for a long time, but I like to attempt a wool one.

The reason is with the down vision, you will get feathers or down coming out for sometimes, and it has some unavoidable cold sports which form.

I am happy with the warm comfort and pleasant to have the chance to sleep having a wool comforter.

The helmet is made well like other helmets. There are some loops at every corner which are added to the hooks or buttons inside the duvet cover. The design is well to keep the helmet in a fixed place.

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Features of Premium 100% Australia Wool Duvet Insert Queen

  • Filled with the hand-selected super quality 100% Australian wool. Premium more weight comforter
  • 100% cotton jacquard cover, 300 threads count
  • compartmentalized design helps to keep wool in its place and may not leave cold or thin spots
  • Comforter size: 90 inch X 92 inch. Resilient, Durable and keeps its weight
  • care instruction: only clean dry


  • The weight, as well as thickness, is super
  • It is warm
  • As the materials are great unlike goose down, it remains in one place in a duvet cover
  • The size is great but can be a little oversized. It is fine as it fills out a duvet cover.


  • I like to use overheat


Herington Australian Wool Full/Queen Comforter

Herington Australian Wool Full/Queen Comforter

Wool is high performance and nature best insulator fabric. We kept one thing in mind and made the Herington wool comforter.

The manufacturers are making most comfortable, highest quality and warmest comforter that you have never owned.

We have added luxury finishes and applied the latest technology to make the Herington comforter.

The wool comes from the highest and finest wool from the sheep of Australia. It is regarded as having the best wool in the world.

The Herington comforter is made of 100 % Japara cotton shell. The positive side of Japara is that it makes shell which is durable and hot, makes it the perfect companion to get high standard Australian Wool fill.

Australian wool makes an amazing loft. Besides it enhances insulation properties; the result is the good sleeping environment.

A corded hem confirms functional and beautiful finish. Quilting was connected to put the fill from bunching or shifting.

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Features of Herington Australian Wool Full/Queen Comforter

  • Made of chemical free materials or natural materials
  • Made of 100% Japara cotton shell, quilted to preserve the fill from bunching or shifting, a corded hem ensures a functional or beautiful finish.
  • Queen or full size measured ninety by ninety inch of total coverage, very comfortable for using one person, only dry clean, made in Australia.
  • Woolmark ensures that we must have to follow stringent guidelines for purity, fiber content, and quality.


  • Splendid value for the price
  • The merit of using Jabara cotton is that it makes a shell which is very durable and soft. It makes the perfect companion for top quality Australian Wool fill.
  • Comforters are made of hundred percent cotton shells


  • None

100% Natural Australian Wool Duvet Insert/Comforter

100% Natural Australian Wool Duvet Insert/Comforter

100% Natural Australian Wool fulfills the cotton comforter. Wool is a type of natural fiber which is flame retardant and hypoallergenic.

Box stitch construction put the fill in the right place, prevents bunching. 500 thread count cotton outer gives luxurious feel by the soft hand.

It is suggested using dry cleaning. It is also used a duvet cover for the duvet insert or comforter.

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Features of 100% Natural Wool Duvet Insert/Comforter

  • Hundred percent cotton features five hundred thread count
  • The wool filling needs special care and needs dry cleaned professionally. Be sure the cleaner is wool filled
  • 100% Premium Australian Wool fills are naturally hypoallergenic
  • Wool is a type of temperature regulation material. The function of wool fill is to keep you cool for a restful or deep sleep.


  • It is very difficult to find woolen quilts in the USA
  • Warm as well as nice
  • Very price friendly and quality of the price is above aspiration


  • No


Fogarty wool duvet review

Fogarty Pure Wool Duvet, King by Fogarty

A Fogarty Wool Duvet is made from 100% New Zealand wool. It is great for giving more grandeur and comfort for your bed. For having wool properties, it is anti allergenic for which it saves from bacteria and dust mites.

One can sleep well on it at night. Wool is famous for temperature regulating so does not need a top rating cause it really best products.

It keeps wood toasty in winter and cools in summer months. The duvet has a cotton and breathable cover for recreation and a polypropylene inner liner that allows the product to rinse at 40 degree Celsius and tumble dried.

People are aware of the importance of the night’s sleep. It is a must for sleeping in bed at night. Therefore choosing a bed is very essential for a man to spend time at night.

Fogarty is manufacturing duvets and pillows over 100 years in the heart of Lincolnshire. It is keeping its reputation for a long time for making full range high quality filled bedding products to outfit everyone’s demand.

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Features of Fogarty wool duvet

  • For personal comfort individual climate zone
  • Popular to lessen heart rates for relaxed sleeping.
  • Breathable for instant moisture transfer- gives you comfort
  • Bacteria and dust mites resistant naturally

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Why wool duvets

We have lots of reason to choose a wool duvet inner (known as a wool doona by Australian friends or a wool comforter in the USA) instead of choosing a feather or down option.

We are aware that regular body temperature is a key factor which may influence the quality of sleep. Down duvet inners and wool may keep you warm on a cool night and there is something soft and lovely about down comforters that seem very comfortable for one’s bed.

Why wool duvets

Down duvet inners are a super insulator, but the reality is that it is all that they do. They cannot manage moisture like wool. There is proof that human can lose up 1 liter of water every night through perspiration when we sleep.

For the package of bedding which maintains this moisture for you, most of this moisture will soak up your mattress; creates the good breeding ground for dust mites. The attendance of that moisture exaggerates skin state like eczema and some other allergies. Wool wicks dampness away from your body and maintains the microclimate which remains at the time of your sleep.

A Tencel duvet or wool has better moisture management ability for a down comforter. Besides, it reduces the discomfort reason of night sweat ladies can experience at the time of menopause.

For having natural properties, wool is low allergenic whereas down and feathers can worsen allergies and breathing problems.

Wool duvet inners may be useful for asthma patients over time. Feather duvet inners may disintegrate generating dust that may exaggerate breathing allergies and promote the attendance of dust mites.

There are five stages of sleep

Stage 1 – A dreamy stage in which we normally awake by the noise or movement. The lasting time is five to ten minutes.

Stage 2 – It is little deeper, the temperature of the body starts to decrease, and the heart rate starts to slow down. Remains for 20 minutes.

Stage 3 – It is the translation of deep sleep and light, and the brain slows down

Stage 4 – The duration of a deep sleep only thirty minutes and returns us to the stage three and leads back to cycle to stage five sleep. In this stage, body regenerates the cell and repair the damage.

Stage 5 – It is known as REM sleep that normally comes after ninety minutes of falling into deep sleep. The active increased activity of brain promotes to dreams and decrease of physical activity save you acting out the dreams. Babies spend half of their time to sleep in stage five. With age the stage five reduces.

We have to go through these stages in a cycle for all night. For external factors of decrease, comfort may interrupt the cycle and wake you up.

This is the study of science that sleeping on the wool bedding ensures 25% more deep sleep than the bedding types.

It means that the stage 4 and stage 5 sleep is important for cell regeneration and health and overall feeling of the morning. We should sleep over it to see how comfortable on the bedding.

 Temperature Regulating

We have seen that we do not give wool duvets to a set of tog rating, there is a good reason behind it.

Tog rating came in the year 1940s when the man made fabric and fiber to measure thermal resistance.

Synthetic will ensure particular thermal value, one layer of polyester insulates to x, two layers insulate 2x, three layers 3x, etc…

Temperature Regulating

Today we connect tag along with bedding, and all bedding must have tog rating.

Wool fibers are very clever to single warmth rating as it appears to insulation.

It keeps the wool sleep if the weather is hot or warm. They do not feel much hotter as the wool grows thicker.

Wool fibers keep you at a steady temperature- a good adaptation to enjoy the freedom of bedding.

Wool duvets reviews – Watch How to clean a wool duvet



Wool has the natural ability to draw around 30 percent of its weight in moisture away from the skin from where’s disappears through the fiber.

Wool can also adapt thermal differences between sleeping spouses; correcting your heat demands relative to your spouse while still keeping your microclimate only right for you good for sharing and no longer fighting over the duvet!

Wool duvets considerably lower the incidence of night sweats notably connected with kids, and women are going through the menopause.

Below a wool duvet, you can anticipate a notable gain in the degree of sleep along with this quantity our clients report that they sleep soundly during the night and wake up to feel refreshed also.

Wool is an excellent insulator but furthermore, it breathes and, in a duvet,, and it modulates the degree of moisture around your entire body.

Slimming down is a much better insulator but doesn’t breathe and enables moisture to accumulate around you.

Feather/down combinations are weaker insulators and much worse in regard to moisture build up. This is why beneath down/feathers and artificial duvets you wake up feeling excessively sweaty and hot.

This won’t occur under wool. Wool is hypo-allergenic it helps reduce problems related to skin irritations and won’t promote the existence of dust mites or mold and so will help control allergies and respiratory issues.

Since wool wicks moisture from the human entire body from where it disappears through the fiber, not just you but the duvets stay comfortably dry so, there’s no dampness which could promote the development of mold or mildew.

John J. Millis