Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing: Reviews and A Complete Buying Guide

Dancing is one of the best fun-filled activities to engage in, whether for fun or professional purposes. It is one of the best events that activates all body muscles without discriminating against the gender, size, or age factor.

When dancing, you have to pay attention to your feet, since it is the bed ground for most dancing moves, especially when doing the hip hop dance. But, getting the best shoes for hip up dancing could be quite challenging as they differ from the everyday walk shoes.

Never mind, as we have put together one of the top 6 best shoes for hip hop dancing that you can find in the market. We are certain that you will find the perfect hip hop dance shoes that will give you the best moves before you make an end of reading this guide.

Hip hop shoes help to offer the right level of stability when moving, not to mention the attractive design and stylish looks they come-in. This can make it challenging to figure out the right fit for you.

Capezio womens Ds24 dance shoes, Black, 8.5 US
  • Split-sole design, Non-marking PU outsole with built-in patented flex points and forepart spin spot, and Flat, boxed toe for toe stands
  • Combination PU Nubuck and imitation suede upper combined with breathable SBR nylex mesh

Capezio has a history of making stunning dance shoes with comfortable padding and a lot of positive customer feedback. And, this Rockit dance sneaker is no exception.

The features of this shoe are stunning no wonder it meets our list of the best shoes for hip hop dancing.

It comes with a PU Nubuck and imitation suede design to ensure you maintain your style and pride as you move on the dance floor. It also has a lightweight built for more dancing comfort and less thigh strain.

The shoe is the definition of comfort as it features a breathable SBR Nylex mesh and a perforated arch for more ventilation. Thus, ensuring your fit gets some air while you dance.

Additionally, it's cushioned, detachable EVA footbed will give you more comfort and choice. Beyond that, this female hip hop dancing shoe features a fast lacing system that starts from the side to provide a firmer fit. Thus, making it suitable and comfortable when dancing in various styles.

The sneaker also has a flat, boxed toe for toe standing ease and a non-marking sole design to ensure maximum dance output with zero worries.


  • Highly comfortable- The cushioned footbed, padded tongue, and collar will make you dance for hours with no pain.
  • Presence of advanced ventilation- No need to worry about stinky feet after wearing your hoes for long hours as it comes with vents for proper air supply.


  • Usage by amateurs can be a little challenging. However, using it often will make you gain mastery of it.
Alexandra Collection High Top Dance Sneakers Shoes for Women Black
  • SIZING RUNS SMALL - Ordering one size larger than normal street shoes is recommended. These hip hop shoes from the Alexandra Collection are available in both youth and adult sizes.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS - These womens dance shoes are full of character and available in Pink, Black, or Red (Bright Pink Color may appear differently on different styles of computer monitors - it can be described as vibrant bubblegum)

If you love high top shoes with glossy design, you will love these super bright shoes.

With these high top dance sneakers, dance class will become super fun as it comes with a flat heel that gives a comfortable stride. Its lightweight design also makes it suitable for any hip hop dancing style.

Amazingly, the shoes come in varying lengths, making it available for both youth and adult usage.

Additionally, the sneakers are suitable for both men and women. Also, it can be used not just for hip-hop dancing alone but also for dance practice and performance.

It is highly suitable if you are a tango or salsa dancer who needs to add a little bit of spice to your dancing. And, it comes in red, pink and black, giving you more colors to choose from.


  • Easy to maintain- The glossy design makes it easy to head out on these sneakers as all you have to do is to wipe it with a soft cloth. It is also scratch-free, so get ready to use it for a very long time.
  • It has various sizes- Alexander hip hop shoes come in multiple sizes so that you can buy them for you and your kids. It also comes in multiple colors.
  • Versatile usage- The flat heels makes it comfortable to wear, whether for dancing performance, practice, and even partying.


  • The sneakers are just perfect, as they have amazing features with zero cons.

It is one of the best female hip hop dancer shoes that you should try. The shoe comes with a classy, dotted, and elegant design for additional style and class.

It takes the first place in our best hip hop dancing shoe review because of its ability to add a touch of both glamour and performance with its enhanced comfort that makes it suitable for both on and off stage usage.

The eye-popping color changing sequin shoe will attract more attention to your moves with its well-level heel that makes it perfect for any form of hip up dance.

The sneakers also come with a rubber outsole with a jagged design that prevents any form of slipperiness and makes it easy to engage in any style with ease.

The padded collar, lightweight and cushioned insole will give you both a great and confident stride.


  • Very comfortable- The padded collar and cushioned insole of the shoe provide you with maximum comfort. Also, the soft, firm attachment around the heels ensure it fits properly.
  • It has flat heels- The shoe is also suitable to wear both on and off stage.
  • Ensures safety- Its rubber, jagged outsole makes it suitable for dancing on different dance surfaces. Thus, preventing slips.


  • It has just one design. However, the golden, yellow design makes it perfect for rocking it in any outfit.

Saguaro usually produces shoes to fit the very delicate feet of women. So, it is not surprising that the company has come with yet another pair of quality shoes for female top hip hop dancers.

The shoe has a unique split-sole design to ensure you get a distinct look from the crowd. You will love its lightweight features as it offers maximum flexibility and comfort while dancing. There's also the mesh design for adequate air supply and breathability.

The shoe also comes with an inner cotton lining for more comfort and a durable, rubber, abrasive-resistant split-sole for perfect and easy feet rotation.

And, beyond hip hop dance, this hip hop dance shoe is also compatible with square dancing, aerobics, ballroom, Cha cha, and more.


  • It is comfortable- The soft, flexible and lightweight design makes this shoe perfect as it doesn't hurt the leg even after wearing it for a long time.
  • It rotates smoothly- The abrasive resistant sole of the shoe makes it easy to turn the feet. You can even spin with it on a wooden floor.
  • Versatile usage- This shoe will offer you more options to your money as you can use it also for dance like Cha Cha, quick steps, ballroom, and more.


  • The cotton liner may cause it to smell after extended usage. However, you can always sundry it.

Bloch snickers are one of the best shoes for hip hop dancing you can get in the market as it has everything you require for a smooth and enjoyable hip hop dancing experience.

It comes with a textile lightweight mesh design for a comfortable and breathable appeal. Its Dri-lex lining is non-wrinkling and odor resistant. Thus, making it easy for you to wear it for long hours without any sticky smell. It also has a 4PSI technology for shock absorption, making it perfect for distant landing.

Beyond that, the helmet features a 1 1/4 inch outsole that turns 3600 spins easily—making it suitable to accommodate dancers of various disciplines. And, a non-marking rubber sole built and EVA socks liner for more lasting usage.

The shoe is suitable for both male and female usage as it comes in various styles.


  • Convenient option- It has a well-padded, lightweight built. Plus, an EVA socks liner that reduces leg strain and hot spots. Also, its variable lacing system provides extra support and fit.
  • Reduces shock- You can take an excellent landing step without worrying about hurting your feet as the sneaker comes with an air cushion midsole 4PSI that absorbs shock.
  • Multiple sizes- The shoe is available in sizes for unisex adults and youths.


  • It is for professional usage, but a professional starts from an amateur. So, with often use, you will get used to it.

Nike is one of the oldest shoe producing companies, they have had successful decades of producing dance, and all-purpose sneakers and this women's footwear is just the icing on the cake.

The shoes provide high flexibility and comfort its stylish, lightweight features. Thus, making it perfect for creating different dance styles.

Also, it comes with a mesh synthetic leather design for optimum breathability. There is also the midfoot strapping that provides maximum support by preventing loose grip.

This Nike hip hop shoe is best for Zumba dancing as it will help you move to every beat effortlessly. It also comes in a durable heel and forefoot to support each dance activity. Plus, a non-marking rubber outsole to provide you with maximum floor traction.


  • High Flexible- The synthetic leather material built this shoe ready to make any dance twist easily.
  • It is lightweight- There's no need to worry about carrying extra weight while dancing as the lightweight mesh material for the shoes will allow you to do varieties of dance steps effectively.
  • Versatile use- The shoes are suitable for not just dancing, you can also wear them to the gym.


  • The shoe is perfect as it combines both quality and comfort.
LED Nylon Shoelaces Light Up Shoe Laces

You will get the laces in a zip locked bag. As you like to give as a gift, you need to wrap them. The measurement of the lace is about 3ft 7 1/2 inches. The perfect size for men is eight inch. I think you need bigger sizes.

The laces are not long enough. A regular lace is having the same size 8 in men’s shoes measuring at least a foot longer. The laces are simple to control and thread.

They are adjusted to the center of every lace and powered by a button. The centerpiece that is plastic and white measures little over an inch. Comparable to a quarter although little bigger.


  • Perfect for any types of shoes, particularly boots, running shoes and skates
  • Great for night activities, secured for all types of nightlife fun
  • One pair of RGB color changing led light up nylon shoelaces along with light emitter.
  • Three light modes: blink fast in one color, changing to seven colors and blink slowly in mixed color.
  • Have batteries that last for 30 hours when the light remains on.

It takes three to five hours to be fully charged and gives support for up to 8 hours. After using two days, two led on one of the shoes may get stuck in one color. After using one week, the other shoe’s Led failed totally.

The other shoes’ led may take two weeks to fail totally. I do not know which part of the circuit may fail. All things are embedded in the shoe. Moreover, the glossy gold finish would not fall off.


  • Your child can use the LED children shoes for friend’s birthday party, outdoor, shopping, at night for hip hop dance. They are very bright at night. It is dear to the baby, girl, and boy.
  • You can offer it for your child’s birthday present or a Christmas gift
  • We aspire your child prefer it. Your child may say to you; mother thank you, I like you very much.

The light of the shoes is very attractive. They are very nice too. It has a combination of seven colors like blue, red, green, white, purple, aqua and yellow.

Besides, it has four patterned settings like white strobe and three patterns which shift through all colors randomly either a sudden change or in a fade.

The shoes have two major downsides namely battery life/ charging port/ control. The life spans of the shoes are very long. The max is three hours (probably if you are on a lower solid color such as green or red).


  • non-slip rubber Sole and great stitches for high durability
  • One charge for 2~3 hours Shoes has 7 Static Colors, USB rechargeable, and 4 Color Changing Mode: Blue, Red, Green, Sky Blue, Purple, Aqua, White & White Flashing, Color Changing Quickly, Color Changing Slowly, Random Color Changing.
  • You can clean your shoes with soft fabric, but you cannot be washed.
  • Sound for playing. You can charge it by the phone chargers that you normally use to charge your phone.

The wings are thick and stitched more as not flat round at the time of walking. Stitching is well finished. In the description, you will see the color is pink.

But this is not a bright one, neon pink through a subdued tone- mainly sun-washed. The light of the lid is bright and changes the colorway you set it. They are charged, and you may wear those two weeks before being fully charged.

It has two cords and a USB charging cord which has two plugs to the end of it. It is possible for you to charge both shoes with the cord.

The only difficulty is that it is very difficult to operate with a little practice. But after using sometimes, you will be the master of it.


  • Color Description: 4 kinds of dynamic color changes, seven kinds of static color, and altogether 11 kinds of lighting patterns.
  • Top graded synthetic leather as well as cloth combination of breathable, network, colorful LED light, wear resistant rubber soles which are surprising gifts for the child.
  • Rubber sole
  • Alters the color of light by the concealed switch inside the shoe. If you have no interest in light, use the long press button to turn it off.

Types Of Dancing Shoes


These are shoes that are used by ballet dancers. They are built with satin, leather, and canvas. The sole, heel, and arch are constructed to give maximum flexibility when dancing.


Jazz or tap shoes are used for doing the tap dance. They have metal underneath the toe and heel areas, which helps to enhance the high tap sound it emits during a stage performance.


These shoes are elegant and stylish to ensure a fast and simple move as you waltz on the dance floor. It usually comes with a short heel length.


The western shoes come with boots like that of the cowboys' boots. However, the heels are thick and sharp, and they are made with sturdy leather for optimum strength and stability.


This type of shoes is used for hip hop dancing. The shoes are usually made in a leveled sole to give complete grip, balance, and slide.


This type of dance is done by shoes such as jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or even by using foot paws. In some cases, contemporary dancers go on barefoot to attain more coverage and comfort.

What to Consider When Buying a Pair of Shoes for Hip Hop Dance

Arch and ankle support

The arch and angle fit are essential factors to consider when buying a hip hop dance shoe. When your shoe lacks the arch and ankle support, it becomes difficult to make smooth dance steps without hurting yourself.

However, buy hip hop dancing shoes with the right paddings and linings around the arch and ankle to protect from dance impact.


While doing your sneakers shopping, you may need to pay some attention to your style as it tells a great deal of your personality.

Since hip hop is majorly about creativity and style, you may want to buy shoes whose color, shape, and design will blend stylishly with your outfit.


The size of your footwear is another crucial aspect you have to pay attention to as you purchase your shoes for dancing. You wouldn't want to buy one that is too tight or too loose.

A well-fitted shoe will boost both your style and confidence as you dance or move to the beat. However, you can look up your shoe size using the recommended store size.


Hip hop dancing involves a lot of movement, spins, and jumps. And you cannot achieve this without a comfortable pair of dancing sneakers.

However, the best shoes for hip hop dancing should have a well-padded interior to prevent hard impact and injuries. Also, you should go for those with EVA midsoles or gel insoles for optimum support.

Some more comfortable features to look out for are lightweight and flexible for maximum dancing performance, free of difficulties and stress.


Traction is essential as you do not want to slip while trying to break a move. So, it is better to buy shoes with a rubber sole and ensure the bottom has good tread and traction.

Balance is also essential. So, your sole should be balanced and stable for successful spin and slide. Avoid very sticky feet as they limit turn and other dance moves.


When dancing, you will sweat in every part of your body, including your legs. To avoid the sweat, smell, and discomfort that comes when dancing is to get shoes with proper breathability.

Always get shoes with maximum ventilation that allows your fit to breathe. You can consider getting shoes with upper mesh or canvas material as it will prevent you from having smelly, and fungal infected feet.

Understand Your Foot

We have two heels and ten toes no doubt. But feet come in various sizes and shapes. This is very much important to know the exact size of your feelings. It will help you to find the exact pair of shoes for your feet.

The top brands offer a pair of shoes that are fit for all sizes. To be sure about it, do a test. This would be better to wet your foot then wear a brown paper to trace the footprint of your legs. Or you may select the last pair of shoes for the most fitted wearing.

It is essential if you desire athletic shoes for hip hop dancing along with motion controlling features and maximum support.

When you see, the footprint presents only the section of your forefoot and the heel with the slender connection between the 2, or your shoes wear out for outside edge, meaning that you have top arches. It also means that your feet are rolling outward. Here is also found in a cushioned shoe with having soft midsole.

You have a neutral arch if the footprint comes with a separate curve inside. Therefore it would be better to have a stability shoe which gives both support and cushioning.

As you know the accurate size of your feet, you will typically buy the best type of Hip Hop dancing shoes for your feet.

Frequent Foot Measurement

We can say that this is not a myth as foot size does not alter in the adult. The explanation is given by Steven Raiken, MD. We are being ordered, and it is natural our feet changes.

Frequent Foot Measurement

Meaning that you have to measure your feet twice in a year. There are various sizes of the shoes of different brands. So it is better to choose the best fitting one for yourself. It is not for the size of the shoes which you are going to get.

Buy Shoes at the End of The Day

It is suggested to buy the shoes at the end of the day of hip hop dancing class. The reason is that the feet swell at the end of the day. Besides they may expand while you run or walk. Meaning that the shoes must fit your feet if they are in the largest sizes.

Know the Bells and the Whistles

The athletic shoes are made with great attention to some models rather than walking or running in the park. The shoes have very groovy looking features. The shoes are inserts filled with Gel, Freon and more air for much shock absorption.

The characteristics are very dealing with heel pain. But this is not good for people having ankles twist as the shoes hold more cushioning to ensure less traction.

Avoid Over or Underpay

People who like to get good quality athletic sneakers or shoes; the Best Shoes for Hip Hop Dancing is the great choice for them. The price of the shoes is very reasonable.

After buying the shoes with 15 dollars you will feel that you have bought it for 80 dollars. You are completely satisfied with the shoes. You will be much pleased to see the design, quality and the style of the shoes.

What are the Benefits of Buying Special Hip Hop Shoes?

Just as we have various types of dance, so do dance shoes vary. So, it is right that we get the appropriate footwear for the particular dance we engage in to dance effectively.

Therefore, getting special hip hop shoes while dancing will help us perform more effectively, and with more ease.

What are the Basic Rules for Buying Hip Hop Shoes

  • Buy shoes with colors that match and fit your present wardrobe.
  • Check for the right fit before buying.
  • Always perform a routine clean-up on your shoes.

What Shoes Are Good For Dancing?

Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing FAQs

1. What are the best shoes for hip hop dancing?

Sneakers and trainers are most suitable for hip hop dancing.

2. Are running shoes suitable for dancing?

Running shoes may not be suitable for dancing as they may lack the ability to withstand the high impact, grip, and stability of dancing. So, it is advisable to go for shoes for dancing.

3. What shoes do dancers wear?

The shoes for every dancer wears significantly on the type of dance they engage in. However, these types of shoes for various dances are ballet shoes, ballroom shoes, pointe shoes, jazz shoes, etc.

4. Is hip hop dancing hard?

Hip hop dance is not difficult as long as you can give diligence into practicing every dance move, which is why we have dance classes. Dance classes make walking through every hip hop dancing step easy.

5. How can I tell the best hip hop shoes for me?

To get the right hip-hop shoes, you must first consider the shape and size of your leg, as you don't want to get a footwear that just doest fit your leg.

Final Thoughts

Dance shoes have such amazing builds that make it easy to give the right steps and balance. However, never underestimate your comfort and convenience even when buying it.

Although the price may be a little on the high side, with these top 6 best shoes for hip hop dancing buying guides, you are well guided on the right shoes to go for without compromising comfort, quality, and price.

Amazingly, all of these shoes are just charming. It is no wonder they featured in this best shoe for hip hop dancing review.

If you desire class plus affordability, then Alexandra High top dance sneaker should be of significant consideration as it offers beauty, comfort, quality, class, and style. But if you love to invest more funds for high quality, protection, and support, as I do, then Bloch dance women's boots or Nike dance shoes are just perfect.

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