Best Mattress for Graco Pack N Play: A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

Almost all Graco Pack n Plays are decorated with thin floor pad which gives an easy to clean space for younger to play. As you like to use a playpen for your baby to sleep or nap at the time of vacation. You like to think a mattress.

There are lots of high-quality mattresses found in Graco Pack n Plays which gives children a good place to rest as the conventional crib is not found. To give the child a restful sleep, we have gathered lots of Graco Pack n Plays found on online.

Dream On Me, 3" Foam Pack and Play Mattress, White
  • SAFETY FIRST. ALWAYS - This mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified to ensure the highest level of health, safety and peace of mind. All our mattresses are CPSC tested and pass all flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) phthalate, lead and toxicity tests.
  • FITS MOST POPULAR PLAYARDS - The Dream On Me 3" Foam Pack n Play Mattress is the perfect choice for and provides a snug fit with most popular playard brands including the Graco Pack N Play. DIMENSIONS - 37.5" x 25.5" x 3”
  • PERFECT BALANCE OF COMFORT AND SUPPORT - This playard mattress provides your child with the right amount of support and comfort for endless days of play and rest. But, you don't have to take our word for it. Read the reviews down below.
  • A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR BABY - Reinforced, waterproof and antibacterial cover and binding help resist liquids and stains and prevent mold mildew and odor from seeping in. Easy to maintain; simply wipe clean with mild soap and water.
  • MADE IN THE USA –All our mattresses are designed, engineered and proudly made in the USA using the best quality materials and meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards.

The important features of the mattress are keeping it germ-free and simply keep it clean. You see hypo-allergenic components in Dream On Me mattress, insulation and air flow systems; waterproof component makes keeping the baby’s bedding sparkling clean snap.

It has a laminated waterproof cover that is stain resistant and aid from liquid leaking inside and prevents mildew, mold, and odors from leaking into the mattress.

There is a full perimeter border wire which preserves the sides, edges, and corners of the mattress rigid and gives the shape for all the edges to ensure more security.

Lock stitched binding is necessary, and a section of new standards as the edges may not unravel or make a safety issue. The Dream On Me mattress is resilient and firm. It is made of quality materials and quality our mattress is made with pride in the USA.


  • Bacteria protective waterproof cover which wipes clean
  • Delivered other countries without any frustration.
  • Comes with 16 CFR 1633 standard
  • Reinforced- binding resistant strains and liquids and waterproof cover
  • Waterproof and antibacterial lock stitched binding aids to resist mildew, mold, and odor from inside cotton binding permits.


  • Soft but helpful
  • Well adjust the pack and play
  • Normal Graco pack and play sheets adjust on the mattress
  • Waterproof
  • Contented


  • Truly functional for making trips on roads. The mattress takes up a great amount of space and somewhat bit bulky
Dream On Me 3" Playard Mattress, White
  • This product is intended to be use from 6 months and up. Dimensions: 37.5" L x 25.5" W x 3" H
  • Antibacterial, waterproof lock stitched binding helps prevent mold, mildew and odor from seeping inside like cotton binding allows.
  • Passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) without the use of flame retardants and also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests, also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 3" playard mattress. Waterproof cover

Dream On Me 3 “Play Yard Mattress gives a comfy and inviting environment for playtime. It is 37.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 25.5 inch wide.

The mattress comes with 4, 90-degree corners fitting Graco Playard with same as 90-degree corners inside play yard area where the mattress sits.

The uncommon mattress is made with top graded materials and quality in USA.

The other features are anti-bacterial waterproof and non-allergenic cover which prevents mold and cleans water and mild soap mildew as well as odor very easily.


  • Put all abroad objects outside of the playground.
  • Do not use this mattress to the top level of the play yard for the bassinet position.
  • At the time of using the mattress, be sure it is well fitted in the play yard except for any gaps between side walls and mattress of the play yard.
  • Cushions
  • Comforters


  • It is made from waterproof fabric and thick foam
  • The fabric is a vinyl type material, not noisy and crinkly as I keep the baby down
  • The mattress is fit for my Graco Pack N Play. There are no gaps in the edge and very snug.


  • The mattress is highly rigid
Little One's Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover - 27" X 39" - Fits Most Baby Portable Cribs, Play Yards and Foldable Mattresses - Waterproof, Dryer Safe - Comfy and Soft Fitted Crib Protector
  • GUARANTEED TO FIT! DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PACK N PLAY & MINI/PORTABLE CRIB MATTRESS. If you have a Pack N Play, a Foldable Mattress or other Portable/Mini Crib Mattress, this crib mattress protector is a must-have!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY ON THE MARKET! Most crib mattress covers use thin threads, unprotected waterproof lining and cheap materials which cause them to be a poor fit, shrink, melt in the dryer and tear up after only a few washes. We use strong, reinforced threads, protected waterproof lining and top notch fibers to make this a soft but long-lasting crib mattress cover that will withstand HUNDREDS of washing & drying cycles and that will never shrink!
  • VERY ABSORBENT AND MACHINE WASHABLE! Perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin, the soft, quilted peach microfiber fabric top absorbs any liquids almost instantly and the fully waterproof lining protects your expensive mattress, every time! (no rips or leaks even after 300+ wash/dry cycles)
  • ULTRA SOFT, QUIET, COZY & COMFORTABLE. Our portable/mini crib mattress cover protects your mattress and makes cleaning up a breeze, but not at the expense of your baby’s comfort. Due to the carefully balanced padding (not too much, not too little), this cover provides just the right amount of support for your baby to have a restful, soothing sleep in complete comfort. Furthermore, the cover doesn’t make any crinkling sounds and it doesn’t bunch up!
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST, BACKED BY OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE - REPLACEMENT OR MONEY BACK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! With our world class customer service and lifetime guarantee, this is by far the best investment you will ever make for your little one.

It is only made for the Pack N Play & mini/ portable Crib mattress. As you have Graco Pack N play, the Dream on Me, A Foldable Mattress or Any Other Portable or Mini Crib mattress. The Crib mattress Cover Is a Perfect Fit for your Crib!

Most of the Crib mattress covers apply unprotected waterproof lining, cheap materials and thin threads that are the cause them to be a poor fit, melt, shrink in the Dryer and Tear up after few washes.

We like to use reinforced and strong thread, top notch fibers and protected, waterproof lining to make this long lasting and soft Crib mattress cover which will remain hundreds of washing as well as drying cycles and will never shrink.

The mattress is Bacteria Resistant, very absorbent, hypoallergenic, machine washable, Odorless. This is great for your baby’s skin. The quality peach and soft microfiber Fabric quickly absorbs any liquids, and waterproof lining saves your costly mattress each time.


  • It is dryer free and machine washable
  • This is great for all sizes. It may not shrink, remain in one place, may not get lumpy. The long elastic skirt confirms a snug fit for all mini, portable, pack and foldable N play mattresses.
  • It will satisfy for a long time of intense washing and use
  • There is no toxic material in it. This is safe. The waterproofing is made of Eco-friendly TPU. There is no Vinyl or PVC Free, Phthalate, BPA or Lead.
  • This is bacteria resistant, hypoallergenic, odorless, comfortable and quiet with a great amount of padding.
  • Very useful for any mom and a wonderful gift for new parents


  • This is dryer safe and machine washable
  • Long lasting mattress and without tension one can use it for a long time
  • They are washable
  • The mattress is odorless, bacteria resistant, quiet and comfortable, hypoallergenic with the right amount of padding


  • Nothing to worry about
#1 Best Pack N Play Waterproof Mattress Pad – Fits All Mini Portable Crib Mattresses - Silky Soft, Hypoallergenic - Machine Wash & Dry - by Nursery Necessities
  • WE PROMISE A PERFECT FIT!* -- Yes, It Will Fit Pack and Play Foldable Mattresses, Dream On Me Mattresses (3" & 5" depths) and All Other Portable Crib Mattresses - 39" x 27" x 5"
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT w/BODY TEMPERATURE REGULATION!* -- Your Child Deserves the Only the BEST! - Microfiber Material Keeps Cool Sleepers Warm & Warm Sleepers Cool - Our Mattress Cover is Silky Soft, Breathable & Absorbs Liquids Away From Surface - Fitted, Quilted Pad Provides Soft Cushion for Sleeping Safely & Peacefully - No Bunching, Crinkling Sound or Strong Odor
  • SAFETY & TRUST!* -- Hypoallergenic & Great for Allergies & Sensitive Skin - Helps Prevent Dust & Pollen from Adhering to Fabric and Aggravating Allergies & Skin issues - Microfiber Fabric is 50% More Breathable than Most Fabrics Including Cotton - Vinyl/PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free, BPA-Free - No Flame Retardants
  • DESIGNED TO LAST & HASSLE FREE!* -- Machine Washable & Dryer-Friendly - No Shrinkage or Wrinkling - Durable to Withstand Numerous Washings - Stain Resistant - Excellent Investment as It Will Last for Future Babies!
  • BUY RISK FREE* -- Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - We'll Refund or Replace Any Order if Not Fully Satisfied

The mattress pad is made from microfiber that gives many benefits for cotton and other materials. One uncommon feature of it is aiding to regulate the temperature of the body.

It can keep your child warm in cooler months and cool in a hotter environment. People like microfiber for having strong durability. Its threads are woven well, tightly that make them long lasting and stronger rather than a cotton sheet.

It is stain resistant. We see many parents like Pank n plays for the tour. So we have made it lightweight. It is simply folded and has no hassle for transport.


  • Trust and safe
  • Made to remain longer time and hassle free
  • We are ready to give a perfect fit
  • Very comfortable or body temperature regulation, soft


  • The thing is stain preventive also
  • Microfiber is also super for having strong durability. The threads are woven tightly that make long-lasting and stronger compared with cotton sheets
  • The mattress pad set well for Pack N Play and launders well.


  • Nothing to worry about

As the bundle of joys comes, you will be sure that she or he is comfortable everywhere you go particularly you are making the tour. Graco’s Pack N Play On The Go Travel Playard comes with a bassinet.

It is made with the playard for a takedown and rapid set up. It has fewer parts to carry and simple to travel as there is a very portable package with it. 

Mon likes the cozy and familiar space for the baby to rest. It does not matter whether you are at home or outside while you are making a tour of grandparent’s home.

The Pack ‘N Play on the Go Playard is made with a special design to keep a place in your house, or you can bring it at the time of making the tour.

There is a folding foot with the pack. The wheels allow for 20 percent more compact fold rather than average playard. It is very simple to carry or very easy to store.


  • It gives 20% folding facilities for wheel and folding feet that average playard, very simple to store and carry.
  • Full size and removable bassinet give the right spot for the lad to hold a nap at home and outside.
  • The bassinet is made to fold with Pack n Play portable playard for a takedown and quick set up.
  • Toy bars embedded with soft toys for amusing little on for the playpen
  • Signature Graco Push button ensures closing playard hassle free and quick


  • Strong material
  • Simple to set up
  • Wonderful design


  • Deep clean is not very simple
  • Padding inside mat is little cushioned
  • Size: The best thing that separates Pack n Play mattress of your child is the size. The range of the mattresses is 1 to 3 inches thickness and narrower and shorter than standard crib mattresses.
  •  Materials: See what materials are made of it. Most of the mattresses are made of foam to make a comfy and firm sleeping surface.
  •  Cover: Select a mattress covering composed of waterproof as well as easy to clean materials like vinyl.
  •  Lightweight: Parents like to use Pack n Plays at the time of traveling. Be sure the mattress is lightweight to enjoy a wonderful transport breeze.

One thing that makes the mattress different from other is the size of the mattress. A mattress for Graco Pack n Play is usually from one to three inches thick. The width of the mattress is 25.5 inch, and long is 37. 5 inch.

It is very different from the crib mattress which his six inches thick, most being around five inches.

The standard crib is 51 5/8” long and 27 1/4” wide. It means that you are not able to use a normal crib mattress in a pack n Play or the Graco pack n play mattress pad in a typical crib.

Many people like to use the Pack n Play for traveling as well as for home instead of a standard crib. Therefore selecting the best mattress particularly for Graco Pack n Play is very important.

For this reason, many like to use the Dream on Me Pack n play mattress. This is thicker rather than standard Pack n Play mattress with three inches thick.

The mattress is the combination of 90 percent foam and ten percent vinyl to confirm it. They are firm enough. It is very comfortable for little one to sleep on as they grow to toddlerhood.

Vinyl gives waterproof cover which cleans and wipes the total mattress meet with 16 CFR 1633 standards for safety.

This is made in USA and affordable than some other companies of the mattress in the whole world. It is lightweight and very easily portable. The weight of the mattress is 2.9 pounds.

What do the users say about the Mattress

My son likes to sleep at home. But when we make a tour we face difficulties with Pack n Play. He may turn and toss and wakes up many times at night until we put him on the bed.

Sleepless parents would not make good playmates on vacation. I have told this matter to my friend. He has given me suggestion to use mattress topper on the top of pack n play mattress.

It works great. This is very simple to install and easy to carry. My son sleeps the whole night without any sound. He feels comfortable, and we all get a good night rest. We are happy that the product is now much available for sale.

I suggest buying this for your baby. At the same time, I think this is a nice gift. I would like to buy a new one for the near future.

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