Leaf Guard Reviews: A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

A Gutter guard is a piece of metal that is attached to the gutter and prevents dirty materials from passing through. The unwanted materials can be leaves, debris, or branches. If you want to maintain your home environment, keep your gutter clean always, then a gutter guard is what you need. 

The following top 3 Leaf Guard Reviews will give you an overview of gutter guards. With this review, you will be able to see the differences between them, and it will help you in making your choice of Leaf Guard.
A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard 5 inch (200', Mill Finish)
  • The Difference is In the Design. Heavy (Industrial) Gauge .018 100% Aluminum will not rust - Lifetime warranty covers no rust, rot or product self deterioration
  • Designed specifically for hidden hangars but works with all hangars including K-style hangars

This is one of the best leaf guards that filter gutter and roof water. It allows only water to pass through effectively, leaving leaves and pine needles on it. The debris does not stick on the gutter guard but is blown away by wind or falls off on its own. The gutter guard has small holes not large enough for leaves, but wide enough for air to blow away the debris on it. 

This gutter Guard is easy to install. You have a smooth work after the installation of the gutter guard. The guard can work with hangers or nests but works best with nests. A-M gutter guard does not show after installation, so it doesn't destroy the beauty of your roof. It fits well into the top of your roof. 

A-M gutter guard comes in 100% aluminum material. This is one quality that prevents it from rust or corrosion. The gutter guard is invincible from the ground and just performs its function up there. This gutter guard requires no maintenance; you do not have to worry about the everyday cleaning of your roof gutter with this guard. 


  • It works well with almost all roof types: this type of gutter guard functions well with all roof types, whether ones with shingles or not.
  • The gutter guard is easy to install: A-M gutter guard requires no specialized expertise to install. It is something you can do on your own.
  • The gutter guard prevents all debris from passing through: it has small holes that not even the funniest of debris can pass through. The holes are only wide enough for water to go through.


  • It doesn't work well under a shingle roof: it can damage the shingles: Although it can be used for shingle roofs too, it easily damages the shingles of the roof.
Amerimax Home Products 86670 Snap-in Filter Gutter Guard, 3', White (Pack of 25)
  • Compatible with 4", 5", and 6" metal (steel or aluminum) K-style gutters
  • The mesh design helps to catch fine debris; MUST install with the filter facing the sky

This is a gutter guard made of PVC material. It filters out even the tiniest of debris, allowing water to pass through safely. The guard works in two way filter. It has a bonded filter mesh that prevents smaller materials from entering. 

The Amerimax gutter guard is easy to install, and as the name implies, you just need to snap it in your existing gutter. The guard comes in different foot lengths, and so can fit into almost all home size gutters. However, they do not come in various colors to beautify your home, but homeowners love it. 

There are no tools required to install the gutter guard. It is useful and durable and has a second method of filtering dirt. You do not need to remove the existing gutter before installing the gutter guard.


  • The guard is easy to install: you only need to snap it into your gutter. It requires no screws or installation. 
  • Amerimax gutter guard can block both large and small debris from passing through: the gutter guard has double filtration methods. The smaller debris that manages to pass through the first mesh does not escape the second mesh filter.
  • It is of great value and is durable: it comes in PVC material and is therefore of good quality and lasts long.


  • The gutter guard can get warped in the hot sun: since the material is a PVC, too much exposure to the sun can damage it quickly.
Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Raptor Gutter Guard: A Contractor-Grade DIY Gutter Cover That fits Any roof or Gutter type-48ft to a Box and fits a 5" Gutter.
  • Stainless steel micro-mesh blocks leaves, pine needles and roof grit from entering your gutter.
  • Heavy-duty materials withstand all the elements and will never rust or warp.

Raptor Gutter Guard consists of durable, professional-grade materials. It comes in stainless steel that does not get warped, cracked, or allows for mold growth. The stainless steel gutter guard can withstand even the toughest rainforest elements. It comes in a V-bend shape and allows water to flow through easily. 

The gutter guard is fast and easy to install. It works well with almost all roof types; there is no need to worry about your roof or gutter type when considering to buy it. This gutter guard came about when all other gutter guards were not performing as they promised to. 

Raptor gutter guard delivers as promised. The V-bend shape allows it to be easily installed on your roof or gutter. It only requires that you slide the sides into your gutter, whether existing or newly built.


  • Installation is easy: the installation only requires that you slid the sides into the gutter or roof. It requires no special tools to install.
  • It works well with all roof and gutter types: you can install it on any kind of roof or gutter.
  • The guard filters the tinniest debris: it leaves no allowance for any debris to pass through.


  • It also works under a shingle roof, but it is not ideal as the V-bend can damage the shingles.
FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System, Residential 5" Gutter Guards, 102ft
  • Available in White, Matte Aluminum, Thermal Thaw Black and Brown. Now made from Fully Hardened High Strength .019 Heavy Gauge Aluminum!
  • Easy to Install, Contractor pricing, Includes 1/2" #8 Stainless Steel Zip Screws.

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers LLC. It is a leading company in the USA, and they are performing well for a long time.

They make the premium grade aluminum gutters. We use the FlexxPoint Gutter Cover product in-house to the Huron, Ohio manufacturing facility and deliver them directly who made contact with us across the country.

It mounts securely and permanently to the ahead lip of the gutter system and mounts directly to the fascia board with fasteners and stainless steel.

If you set it for the first time, you need not change it. It would be a permanent addition to your gutter system.

FlexxPoint gutter ensures roof warranties; other products may void the warranties of the roof.

The uncommon three points design resist the flow of water, the potential flow of damage by doing as slowing water or dams over the cover permits the whole drainage for the gutters though covered with debris or leaves.

FlexxPoint cover never clogs, allows airflow by removing wet leaves and some other debris from the cover surface, resist leaves and other debris to stick to the cover.

Natural elements and light winds blow away debris and dried leaves. It covers LLC. We have thirty years limited guarantee for any defect in quality. Factory directs the price of the manufacturer.


  • Found Matte Aluminum, White and Thermal Thaw Black resists all kinds of debris, high volume water flow, clog free
  • Simple to install and contractor pricing having stainless steel installation fasteners.
  • Do not damage roof warranties, simple to handle four feet and permanently installs
  • Factors direct, stainless steel fasteners and manufactured in the USA
  • May not see from the ground, structured for premium home or domestic aluminum.


  • Very simple, straightforward and set up very easy
  • Works well with heavy downpours
  • Not possible to see from the ground as you indicate your gutters. You should not paint this either
  • Aluminum along with stainless screws will come out
  • May not clean or remove unless working on fascia or gutter


  • A fragile material as well as possible to ship in a box
LeafsOut 5” WIDE, DIY Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard System – 100' LONG, Stainless Steel

The LeafsOut Gutter Protection System is the composition of 3 main components such as a stainless steel V bend mesh filter mesh, aluminum drip edge, and a water siphon control strip below the mesh as the product is losing siphon control strip, this is not leaves out.

This kind of gutter protection installs various gutters like half round, Ogge, curved, box, fascia and other roofs like Spanish tile, asphalt shingle, flat tile stone coated steel and wood shake.

leaves out’s specification is made well so that it can slip beneath the roof rests and shingles on the top of the water barrier and roof deck to clamp the gutter guard it a fixed place.

LeafsOut may set up to the same pitch with the roof to obtain the superb performance of debris shedding off.

The pure aluminum front adjusts with the front lip through the gutter via three self-tapping screws for every 4-foot length part.


  • Removes rain gutter to clean forever
  • Pine needles, leaves and roof sand grit have no problem
  • Surgical grade stainless steel micro mesh
  • Reserve everything from the rain gutter instead of water
  • Adjust on the rain gutters, not a must for remaining rain gutters.


  • The product remains in one place for a long time and after the force of hurricane wind, sleet, ice, very heavy thunderstorms and hail.
  • Up to 1% debris observed in mesh after six months inspection.
  • Back and front one fall and the subsequent spring.


  • Nothing serious
Gutter Guard Pro GG5W-1 12-Foot Gutter Screen System, Snap-In Cover

Gutter Guard PRO ensures more protection for your gutters. If you are suffering from climbing ladders to unclog the gutter, it is the solution for you.

It is built in such a system that rain and water do the work of cleaning for you. The effective and simple design is a cost-free solution.

The Guard has double holes to pass more air and water. The product is UV resistant and long lasting endurance.

Warnock Hersey is the founder of Gutter Guard Pro. ASTM is a product that exceeds and meets the standards in the space of flexural or tensile strength, resistance and dimensional stability to exterior weather condition.

A grade fire rating. The Gutter Guard Pro’s uncommon drip edge method aids to save dirty “Tiger Striping” that normally happens before the gutter.

Debris or deflecting dirt far from the gutter keeps you home beautiful looking just like new. It remains to the mountain hangers of five inches non-stop gutter systems. It works well at the consistent angle of the gutter slope and pitch.

The pro is possible to install with any roofing materials. The Gutter Guard Pro needs no fasteners like some other products in the market.

The benefits of this system are that you can remove it quickly and hassle free anytime.

Besides it snaps to the consistent angle- regardless gutter slope or the roof pitch. Do not use the gutter clutter and enjoy the top protection.


  • Five inches gutter system fits well
  • Needs no fasteners, white color, snap on or snap off the system
  • Every section has twelve feet gutter covers separately into four feet sections
  • Gutter Guard Pro is made so that the rain and the wind do the cleaning
  • It is made to rest on the mounting hangers of most five-inch gutter systems


  • Performance is very excellent
  • Bit pricey but the best
  • They are super to keep out leaves as well as maple helicopter seeds


  • The cheap plastic bends and warps, some other raises my shingles up in the place they overhand the gutter
E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Quick-10 Gutter Guard

These new aluminum mesh savers are designed by e-z-gutter and the top of gutter protection.

As 1983, e-z-gutter is engineering designs for each type of design and gutter load. E-z-quick gutter guards are a shatter to install.

It needs no screw to add. Every section is notched for 3/4 inch in the overlap. The aluminum is heavy duty and will not rot or rust.

It is made to remain in the rough weather, and the guards simply snap out to maintain it.

The tight mesh is made for keeping debris out and let rainwater pass through. Each box of guards can cover 40 feet of gutter.


  • Simple to install, no screw needed, every section notched for 3/4 inch in the overlap
  • Aluminum is great and may not rot or rust
  • Made to remain during rough weather: for maintenance snaps out
  • Tight mesh hold debris and let water to rush through
  • Has four feet long section, the total box install covered forty feet and made in the USA.


  • Very nice and simple to adjust than the screwed on the clip version
  • Has problems in spots where there is a gutter support
  • Very easy and simple to install.


  • Simple to install and very nice product. The price is a bit higher. But whirly and small bird type tree stuff may get stuck for opening intended for water
FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System, Residential 5" Gutter Guards

As its name implies, this system is made up of mesh which has very lovely pores which allow rainwater to pass through. Not sand particles may pass through this type of shield, and this nice mesh is the thing that prevents the gutter from clogging.

The primary thing to look out for a while using micromesh gutter guards set up is your angle. Too much a corner might not hold all the water and also slight an edge could trap water for a long time. Micromesh gutter guards are greatest so much as gutter security is concerned, mainly if installed correctly.

The merchandise which could be set up from the homeowners is undoubtedly more affordable than those who need setups. Following gutter protector reviews, they’re convenient to buy and get home.

But you need to opt for the gutter sensibly. Otherwise, You Might need to substitute the shield after a concise time


  • These gutter guards conquer most of the weakness of additional systems
  • Easyon 36ft
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Hex head catalyst


  • If surgical grade steel is used, you’ll not have any issue with any natural expansion below the mesh.
  • This system will render you tension-free for Ages to come.


  • You want to pick the Ideal Business carefully

Metal screens 

This consists of metal and the easiest to install. They are the most typical type of gutter guard. Metal screens work well in places where leaves are the major dirt. The openings in the metal screens allow for seeds, pine needles to go through. 


These gutter guards are best for gutters, not roofs. They contain tiny holes that allow for water alone to pass through, thereby blocking all debris. They consist of polyurethane foam or polyether foam. 

Brush inserts/Pipe cleaner 

This tool looks like a big caterpillar. It is polypropylene bristles twisted around a galvanized steel cylinder. It requires no screws or fasteners. The bristles work by stopping leaves and debris from passing through, leaving only water to flow. 

Plastic screens

This is a plastic grid that works below the bottom of a roof. It is easy to install and is not expensive. The plastic screens work by leaving out leaves on it as water goes through. They do not need to be screwed down, just insert under the roof, and the roof shingles hold it in place. 

Slit covers

Slit covers work by allowing a large amount of water to pass through the gutter with one or two slits. The issue about the slit cover is that leaves and other debris can also pass through. 

Reverse curve

These gutter guards are the most traditional ones. They've been around for a long time. Changes have been made to them over the years to improve their function. It is difficult to install, and not all contractors have an idea of it. 

Micromesh gutter guards

They are made of metal sheets and have tiny holes that allow only water to pass through. The mesh can be used for both gutter and roof and works well in keeping debris out. They are durable and of good quality. 

Why Do We Need the Best Gutter Guards in the First Place?

Gutter guards help to keep your gutter and roof clean and free of debris and leaves. There are a lot of gutter guards, knowing which to choose can be a challenge. 

One thing to note is that, though gutter guards help to filter your gutter water, it still doesn't mean you won't have to check your gutter. Gutter guards help to minimize the frequency of having to clean your gutters. 

You need to get the best gutter guards, so your work is reduced in keeping your gutter clean. Though you can't always have a perfect result, you can choose gutter guards that give you at least 90% results.

How Leaf Guard Works

The purpose of having a leaf guard is to filter out debris and leaves away from your gutter. The way each leaf guard system works differ from each other. Here are some of the types. 

Mesh guards

It is attached to the shingles of your roof and covers the gutter. It works by allowing only water to pass through the small holes. It then leaves debris on top of the mesh and left to dry, or winds blow them off. 

This is a long tube that sits inside your gutter to allow water to pass through. Leaves and debris settle at the mouth of the foam. And this can make the gutter to be blocked. 

Reverse curve 

These guards direct the flow of water down through a small hole in the vertical side. The leaves and debris filtered are left to flow over or blown by the wind. the 


The Reasons Behind Gutter Failures

To know why gutters fail, you need to know the root of the problem. And then, you can understand how to fix it. Many reasons can cause gutter failure; we'll discuss some below. 

Overflowing/Clogged gutters 

The first and most important reason you have gutter failure is that they get blocked with leaves and debris. Pine needles, leaves, seedpods that have accumulated over time in the gutter system can block your gutter. They prevent the natural flow of water, and then you start having an overflow.

Misaligned gutter

If your gutter is not correctly aligned and slopes too much, the water in it will rush out before it gets drained into the appropriate downspout location. Your gutter is supposed to have a little pitch to ensure smooth flow. If there is no pitch, the water will not drain, and you have stagnant water build-up and may eventually overflow. 

Not enough downspout to take the water  

If you're in an area of heavy rainfall, the downspout location may not be able to accommodate the amount of water that flows into it. The number and placement of downspout can be improved to accommodate more water. 

The Importance of a Clean Gutter 

Cleaning your gutter is not the best of chores most people want to do, but it will save you a lot of other problems. A clean gutter is beautiful to behold in your home. It is one way you can prevent sickness and keep out dangerous pests. 

Keeps out pests

A dirty gutter can be a harboring place for pests. Large and small pests tend to thrive in a bed of damp leaves and stagnant water. 

Prevents roof damage 

You can end up dealing with a rotten roof if leaves and debris clog up your gutters to overflow. 

Prevents damage to fascia 

Overflowing water can damage your fascia board, and this will cause you more than when you would have just cleaned your gutter. 

Prevents cracks in the foundation 

Stagnant water below your house's foundation can freeze up and cause cracks in the foundation. 

How to Choose the Best Gutter Guard

There are many gutter guards you can choose from in the market. Knowing which to choose can be overwhelming. However, there are things you should look out for to choose the best gutter guard for you. 

Screen or cover 

Screens are less expensive than covers. But the reverse is the case when it comes to durability. Screen gutter guard works to prevent large pieces of debris and to allow water in. The screens can still allow small leaves and pine needles to pass through. They are durable and last long. 

The cover gutter guard works by sitting on your gutter and allows water to slide off the side. Covers keep more debris out that screens. But small pine needles can still fond their way in. The covers are built with durable materials, so they last longer too. 

Whatever type of gutter guard you're choosing, the bottom line is that they keep your gutter clean. Go for ones that help reduce your cleaning of the gutter occasionally. 

Brush or Foam 

Foam gutter guards are very easy to install, and they are affordable. They serve as a quick solution to long term gutter problems. The gutter guards come in cheap materials, and severe weather can cause them to wear out quickly. The foam can also trap pine needles, seed, and plants in the gutter and cause the growth of mold. 

Foam gutter guards are flammable. They can be a form of fire hazard when there is an accident. 

Brush guards are like the foam guards, but they keep out larger forms of debris. Smaller debris gets stuck inside the brush and can build up over time to cause blockage in the gutter. With brush gutter guard, you still have to perform routine clean up of your gutter, because all kinds of first get stuck in them. 

Why Not to install Gutter Guard - Video

Leaf Guard FAQs

Does the gutter guard work? 

The gutter guard does work to filter debris and leaves to allow the smooth flow of water. 

How do you stop gutters from frosting up? 

Gutters frost up when water stores for a long time. This can be preventing d by cleaning gutters regularly, allowing the gutter to steep for smooth flow, and by adding rock salt to melt the ice. 

Do you need to clean gutter with a gutter guard? 

The gutter guard helps to minimize the cleaning of your gutter, but you still have to clean once a while. You only need a gutter guard to prevent leaves and debris; you do not need it to clean the gutter. 

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain? 

Not all gutter guards work well in heavy rain. Some get broken or removed during heavy rainfall. 

Do I need to replace my existing gutter before fixing the gutter guard?

You do not need to, except the existing gutter is damaged. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your gutter clean is one way to maintain your home surroundings. You prevent many other issues when your gutter is clean. The different types of gutter guards work in their approaches to keep debris and leaves away. The above leaf guard reviews have given a highlight of the various gutter guards we have. 

A-M gutter guard is the cheapest and easiest to install. Raptor gutter guard works well with all roof types, and so it is highly recommended. But if you want a gutter guard you can use for both roof and gutter, the Amerimax gutter guard is for you.

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