Best Dryer Vent Reviews – Buyer’s And Reviews Guide

When the question rises dryer vent cleaning, we have seen it in Raleigh business. We fully know what works best when it appears to exterior dryer wall vent covers.

The preference of exterior vent is excellent. It covers a long way for enhancing energy saving and home safety.

In the market, there are various types of vents. They are typically used in many houses.

Each vent comes with different features to permit the lint to roll out the vent. At the same time, these features save your vent from intrusion by birds, nature’s elements and other rodents.

If you like to prevent lint build up and speed up drying clothes, you should install a metal dryer vent. Its steps by steps instruction walk you inside the tough parts.

It is true that rigid metals are safer than the fragile plastics. Moreover, fragile metals invite more fluff, retard airflow and need more cleaning.

Updating dryer vent

Upgrade a Dryer Vent

The solution is to use a hard-metal vent pipe. It’s even interior makes very little air resistance. The interior makes the dryer more proficient and discourages lint buildups.

We altered eight feet long plastic flex hose with an even metal vent. We can be able to save ten minutes off the drying time with full loaded clothes.

Updating dryer vent

Pull the dryer away from the wall

At first pull down the drawer with caution from the wall then disconnect from the power cord. Then use a nut driver or screwdriver to loosen the band clamp which adds the plastic vent and the exhaust outlet.

Draw the vent off the outlet and then vacuum away lint from inside the drawer.

Now disconnect the other edge of the plastic vent from the ducting which goes outside. Once again use a vacuum cleaner to rinse lint out of the round duct.

Tighten the clamp

Slide a metal band fasten on the lower end of the periscope box vent and press it on the weaken outlet.

Hold the bend steadily; tighten the clamp along with a screwdriver as long as it feels cozy.

Attach the periscope

Hold the upper section of the periscope and rise as long as it goes a couple of inches over the back dryer. Switch on the power cord and press carefully the dryer back before the wall.

Join the box vent to the overhead duct

What is the rest to do now is to add the box vent with the overhead duct along with the vent kit? Begin by adding the lower flex vent with the periscope box vent. Protect the elbow by a band clamp.

Attach a 90-degree elbow

After that slip, a band clamp with the overhead duct, enter the male end of the ninety-degree elbow with the duct. Finally, constrict the clamp.

Attach a 90-degree elbow

After completing them

After that draw the lower flex vent and yank down over the upper vent between the ceiling and the dryer.

The edge of the vents is particularly made with swift lock fittings which crack together- requires no band clamp.

You have finished the required connections. Now it is time to test the revamped vent system.

Start the dryer and verify that air is blowing well through the vent hood. You may mount it outside of your house.

Best Dryer Vent Reviews – Detail Guide

Dundas Jafine ProFlex Clothes Dryer Transition Duct Listed & Marked 

Dundas Jafine BTD48TC ProFlex Clothes Dryer Transition Duct UL 2158A Listed & Marked

The materials of the dryer duck are very thick and more tear resistant which local ace hardware sells. I replaced the dryer for the last time.

And I bought a second duct from Ace. The cause is the first one ripped open along with the apparent single layer foil. I need to neat it into the accurate length applying wire cutter and scissors.

I must thump the scissors inside the materials to obtain the cut began. It is remarkably stronger. There have no tearing if I backed the dryer up close to the wall- what a great.


  • The duct cannot support combustion
  • Great for electric dryer and gas applications
  • Makes an air taut and simple to employ air duct, corrosion proof wire helix
  • UL2158A labeled as well as marked. Comes with 2-4inch tension clamps
  • Made from fire resistant, heavy duty, 4 ply aluminum foil laminate which encapsulates a great density

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Whirlpool 0-to-18 Inch Vent Periscope

Whirlpool 4396037RP 0-to-18 Inch Vent Periscope

The function of this vent is very well. It allows your dryer to set nearly very close to the back wall and solid.

It is more likely take from the wall connection of from the dryer. We have solved this problem by keeping a rigid piece of foam between the wall and the top part of the vent.

Moreover, we keep foam between the dryer and the vent. It will keep the lock in a particular place. A sliced yoga black appears to adjust well.

Since you have very congested space in your dryer or wall or an oddly placed vent, hold this for your need.

We are using old metal round vent hose from our past home. We made it work best as we thought is our only alternative.


  • Adjustable dryer vent (up to 18 inches)
  • Part No. 4396037RP
  • Near to the wall, the application is 2- ½ inches
  • Reserve important place in the laundry room
  • Comes with a male snap lock fitting as well as very long draw-band collar for simple installation

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Deflecto Extra Heat Dryer Saver

Deflecto Extra Heat Dryer Saver, 4", White

This item saves money a lot of by collecting lost heat from the dryer vent. The demerit is that it will allow humidity into the room from the damp clothes.

After ten minutes humidity seems to dissipate and you will get more heat instead of humidity.

As my wife’s office is near to the washer and dryer, we normally keep it open ten minutes before she begins her work.

She does not need to run a portable heater that is 1500 watts. It is very slow to do the job.


  • Save money and energy. Rinse filter screen after every use for safety and optimal performance.
  • Apply with UL listed super flex clothes dryer transition duct.
  • Collects heat from the clothes dryers and passes it to your room. It deflects humidity and heat in the room during winter weather. At the same time, it wards off heat outside of the room in warm weather.
  • Do not expel gas clothes dryer in bedroom or bathroom
  • Changes clothes dryer to an extra source of heat
  • Security flap permits outside venting
  • Having diverter to permit exhausting outside in warmer weather


  • Cost free and simple solution
  • Works nice, apply it to keep the laundry area warm


  • None

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HEARTLAND Dryer Vent Closure

HEARTLAND 21000 Dryer Vent Closure

The Heartland Natural Vent will last for a long time even for all seasons. This will ensure you critter and save protection what you like for your home.

Remove the old one and set up the Heartland Natural Vent. It is very simple to install with a square base pre-drilled holes.

The vent permits warm air escape if you open. It also prevents cold air from going into if closed. The product saves lots of money through cooling and heating loss.

Moreover, the vent may provide critter protection. It saves insects and other pests from entering your home through the dryer vent. Do you like to have some saving?

The energy saving dryer vent is made to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Will your wallet a favor by the heartland natural vent?


  • Dryer vent closure is problem free installation
  • It must set up vertically. Sliding needs to cut for exact installation
  • If closed, resist cold air to enter the room
  • When open, hot air escape with the air
  • Protect pests and insects to enter through the dryer vent


  • Saves energy as well as money
  • Makes the laundry room comfortable
  • Laundry room would not seem a meat locker during winter
  • Looks kindasci-fy outside.
  • The brick wall protects us from hammer drill
  • Very simple to set up but time consuming part is the brick wall


  • No need to use the cold in the laundry room as a way to escape doing laundry.

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Betterment Indoor Dryer Vent

Betterment Indoor Dryer Vent

Indoor dryer vent allows heat and humidity inside the room. It is made to catch the lint from electric clothes dryer for those who fail to emit it outside.

Manufacturers suggest the users allow ventilation or air circulation into the room if the room is congested. The patented double filter system may not need water, removing messy cleanups.

The stainless steel screen performs as a pre-filter capturing big pet hair and lint particle. It may be possible to clean with a sweeping movement of the hand.

The polyester filter captures the finer lint dust. One gets replacement filters in six boxes, and they last up to a year in a normal situation.

It has a patent pending secure vent flap made to open to rinse the filter and screen. Homeowners and renters are worried about dryer lines that are far beyond the dryer manufacturer’s recommendations.

This will keep warm air into the room in colder months by returning warm dryer air.

It comes with all the setting up hardware. Installation is very simple and problem free. Customers supply clamps and hose, instruction included.


  • Dry faster saves energy and time
  • For electric dryers, it has indoor lint trap which does not need water
  • Made in the USA
  • Double filter procedure invites dust and lint for healthier indoor atmosphere.
  • Safety vent flat warns the users to clean or replace the filters.


  • The changeable filters come with the vent which is very lightweight. They are very impossible to clean.
  • Acts great as a secondary vent for indoors.


  • None

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Dryer Dock Dryer Vent 6″ for 4″ Tubes

Dryer Dock Dryer Vent 6" for 4" Tubes

Dryer Dock Keeps the dryer vent line safe and clean. It is very simple to install. Only twist and then lock.

Dryer Dock is very simple to connect to your dryer vent for your house. This uncommon solution is very simple to install in your home. Its physical appearance is superb.

When setting up is completed, it makes dryer maintenance a break. Clogged dryer vents may be the cause of the fire.

One can prevent it easily if he cleans it regularly. Just slightly twist the dryer dock on one side and remove it easily to clean the dryer.

The 2 halves of the dryer dock may separate, permits direct access to the dryer hose or the vent for your home.


  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Lock and twist
  • Easy access to maintenance and cleaning
  • Within second possible to connect as well as disconnect


  • It is very amazing
  • Excellent solution to clean your vent duct


  • Improvement is a must thought works well

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New Aroma Trees Dryer Vent Bird Stop

New Aroma Trees Dryer Vent Bird Stop

Using Aroma Trees Aluminum Alloy Dryer Vent is a wise decision. If you like to set up it, you need to cut or trim in between two holes. This will expand the space to set up the vent.

What you have to do is just take a pair of scissors. Furthermore, we suggest the consumers dip the vent every 4 to 6 months to get the best result. Aroma tress is very simple to set up.

The price of the vent is reasonable. We have the issue of bird buildings nest in the second story dryer vent. What I got in the store is the one to set up and a screw for sliding. I do not like it.

We can get easily neat it to adjust. Do not even take off the flaps. We have taken the dryer vent entirely out and can cut it.


  • Convincing design
  • Product dimension: 8.8″ x 8.8″ x 0.03″ Customizable
  • High quality long lasting construction
  • Multi-brand compatible


  • Hassle free install and cut
  • Super stuff and simple to work with


  • Costly but service is all right

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Deflecto Universal Bird Guard

Deflecto Universal Bird Guard, Fits 3" to 4" Vents, White

Our dryer vent has no cover on the outside of the house. Be sure; this is only the vent cover. The vent comes with no screw.

You need to find some screws to install it. We cover the dryer as the critters are long longer tempted to crawl inside.

The vent is made of white plastic. This plastic will survive first Texas summer except for any crack.

The white color with adjusts with the paint of your home. Birds cannot take sit outside the vent. It is very beautiful to look at.


  • Simple to set up any 3’’ or 4’’ bathroom exhaust vent or clothes dryer
  • Notice regularly and remove lint or debris as much as possible
  • Made from strong plastic to last for longer time. Provides maximum exhaust flow
  • Problem free set up over any three to four inches clothes dryer or with the bathroom exhaust vent.
  • Prevent birds from nesting in vents and rodent from incoming inside the vents.


  • Problem free installation
  • Super cover protect birds from entering the vent
  • Paint adjusts to your home. Great to set up.


  • None

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Warning Signs That it’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Drying time for clothes takes longer and longer

If a dryer vent is blocked, the drying cycle may double or triple in time. You will see that clothes are not dry to the end of the regular cycle.

Warning Signs That it’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

The task of a dryer is to push out hot moist air through clothing to make it dry. When the aperture is blocked by lint, air normally stays inside the dryer.

It keeps your clothes moist and hot. It takes twice or more time to dry completely.

If you keep it running constantly by putting more tear and wear, you will cut the machine’s life half.

Your clothing, as well as the outside of the dryer, are very hot

Do you see that your clothing is very hot at the end? Or do you notice it is very hot to touch? This warning sign indicates the vent is nor functioning properly. When the system clogs, it wastes energy. Moreover, it can be the cause of heating element and the dryer to wear out quicker.

You notice a burning smell

While you run a dryer, do you feel any burning smell or odor? Lint is very flammable, may build up into the exhaust tube, in the drum casing or lint trap.

When it becomes very hot, it can cause a fire that can create burning smell. Notice the discontinue using the dryer as quickly as possible to operate it again.

The vent hood flap doesn’t open properly

Another visible red flag which you need to use for cleaning: you will notice debris or lint around the dryer hose or outside of the vent opening.

The duct hood flap may not open as it is made with this style. When the dryer is running the outside vent does not open. It indicates that the airflow is restricted for lint build up.

Clean a Clothes Dryer Vent- Cleaning the Vent Yourself

Vacant the lint screen. After doing laundry, empty out the lint screen with the same procedure. You need to do it whenever you use laundry.

At the time of cleaning the vent, notice the lint screen first and then remove a small amount of lint.

This is all time better, to begin with, a fresh lint screen at the time of cleaning the dryer.

Unplug the dryer from the outlet. Do not start cleaning the dryer vent at the time it is still plugged in.

It may be very dangerous. Try to get the position where the cord is plugged into the wall. Separate the plug.

Shift your dryer. You will get the dryer vent following the dryer. When you like to clean the vent, you need to remove it from the wall.

Sometimes it is very hard to remove heavy dryers from the wall. You can take help from others.

Not only that you can also take help from the professional cleaners in this regard.

Take out the tube. You know that the dryer vent is nothing but a hole. The hole runs through the wall.

There remains a tube added to the dryer to the vent. It attaches to the wall by a screw.

It is nice to use a screwdriver to remove the screws. Take out the tube from the wall so that you may enter the vent.

–    What type of screwdrivers you use varies one from other. Notice the screw well to see if you need a flathead or a Phillips screwdriver.

–    Put the screws in the matching place as you need to reattach the tube.

Vacuum out your vent. Hold your vacuum cleaners’ nozzle attachment. Empty the vent which goes into the wall, sticking the nozzle in the vent when it may reach.

After that vacuum out the tube goes to the dryer. Once again vacuum the tube when the nozzle reaches. You may remove a lot of lint by this procedure.

–    As you have no vacuum cleaner, you can use a flexible dust brush along with an expandable handle. You may use compressed air to remove lint from the dryer vent.

Keep everything back in its place. Again attach the nozzle comes from the drawer by adding the screws back in place in the wall.

After that glide the dryer back to its place. Then plug the dryer once again. Now the dryer is ready to use since the vent is clean. You will look noticeable upgrading of drying times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Dryer Vent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Dryer Vent

Q: Is there any fire record in the dryer? How is the problem, is it?

A: This is the report of the fire Administration’s National Fire incident reporting system that there are about 15,500 dryer fires every year. Not only that there are other results like 430 injuries, 34 deaths and 209 million dollars in property damages.

Q: Is there any warning sound that the dryer vent may have a problem?

A: Yes, there are lots of warning signs which indicates the elevated possibility of malfunction and fire. Notice company’s comprehensive lists of warning signs if you are missing a sign from the dryer.

Q: What kind of service does the dryer vent or wizard give?

A: Dryer Vent Wizard demands inspection, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, complete installation and alterations of the dryer vent system for commercial and residential customers.

Q: How much money does it need to replace or clean the dryer vent?

A: As every household is uncommon, it is up to the technicians. He will inspect the dryer vent and diagnosis the problem. Then he will fix the cost of replacing it. The inspection will detect the problem. And finally, the technician will recommend a solution.

Q: I have purchased a new dryer and still waiting for dry cycles, what is the cause?

A: Here your dryer is not the problem. Blockage, vent disrepair like lint accumulation, bird nests, and improper venting configuration are the probable causes of the poor dryer function which dryer vent wizard may fix at present.

Final Verdict

Cleaning a dryer vent seems very simple, but this is not the reality. We have a team of expert specialists.

They can handle any unwanted situation easily like pests in vents, improper vent configuration and so on.

Fryer vents which run for a long time are difficult or impossible to clean well with the household tools.

But our experts can clean them well with their special knowledge and tools. If you like to run the dryer for years to years, it is better to call dryer vent wizard for annual service.

People like to use dryer vent wizard over DIY dryer vent to clean it. Take help from the technicians to run it well for a long time.

John J. Millis

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