Deck Restore Reviews! What Should You Do To Your Deck Before Coating?

Decks add beauty to when used in a place and serve as a functional workspace. It can last generations if properly cared for.

Possibly, your deck has seen better days, and you feel the best option is to replace it entirely.

Deck restoration coatings are good ways to give your old decks a new and better life. They are thick enough to fill up cracks and splinters and provide a unique surface texture and design.

When making an excellent choice, it's necessary to go through Deck Restore reviews to know available products, their features, and ratings based on recommendations.

One way to bring a new look to your deck is to repaint them. Top best deck restore products to use are:

DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Deck Cleaner - Safely Cleans Decks, Fences, Siding, & More - Covers Up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.
  • CLEANS & OPENS PORES OF WOOD SURFACES BEFORE STAINING – This safe, oxygenated bleach deep cleans wood surfaces and opens the pores for maximum stain absorption.
  • REMOVES GRAYING FROM WEATHERED WOOD – This powerful wood deck cleaner not only cleans the wood, but will remove weathered graying color caused by UV rays.

This product is a safe wood deck cleaner that eliminates grimes, mold, algae, mildew, and even weathered grizzles from the surface of the wood. It is usually oxygenated, so it can weaken dirt's grip on the floor, and lift it off the floor so it can be easy to clean off.

Defy wood cleaners prove to be better than other chlorine-based bleaches and can be decomposed by living organisms, thereby making it harmless to wood fibers, pets, or most plants.

The cleaner comes in a powdery form too. It allows for mixing with water to make it good enough for cleaning and restoring the shine and natural beauty of the wood deck.

When in use, it creates foams that breakthrough down the wood pores, giving it a meticulous, sparkling cleaning that other bleach deck cleaners that contain chlorine cannot achieve.

 Moreover, Defy Wood Cleaner is excellent for use on vinyl and aluminum siding.


  • Environmentally safe - Defy cleaner is entirely safe not just to wood fibers, but also to pets and plants within the environment. It does not contain chlorine, which alters wood color as well as destroys wood fibers.
  • Mill Scales Remover - Mill scales are crushed wood grain remains on wood after the milling process. They cause the deck stains or paints drift without being absorbed into the wood. Any paint or stain applied over a mill scale is wasted, since it will peel off with the scale as the air gets under it.
  • Mildew and algae remover - Defy wood cleaners are oxygenated. Consequently, they can remove mildews, algae,  mold’s, and dirt that build up over time because of moisture.
  • Removes graying - Woods exposed to sun and other environmental factors appear different from its original color to gray because of sun radiation. Defy cleaner is strong enough to erase this weathered graying, making the wood color bright and beautiful.
  • Whole house cleaner - Apart from being an excellent deck wood cleaner, Defy Wood Cleaner is also an excellent cleaner for cleaning the entire house. It is also be used as a wood fence, aluminum slide, driveway, and sidewalks cleaner.


  • Defy Wood Cleaner will not remove old stains except they are deteriorated. It should be used with Defy Wood Brightener to achieve better results.
Complete Wood Cleaner & Wood Brightener Kit for Wood Decks, Wood Fences, Wood Siding, and Log Cabins - EFC38 & Citralic Restoration Kit - Woodrich Brand - Covers up to 750 SQ FT - Easy to Use
  • REVITALIZES ALL WOOD TYPES: Use our cleaner and brightener on all wood types: Maple, Pine, Redwood, Oak, Ipe, Tigerwood, Purple Heart, Cedar, Douglas Fur, Brazilian Mahogany and Jatoba!
  • RESTORES MOST WOOD SURFACES: Get cleaner and brighter looking wood for any restoration project including: wood deck, wood fence, wood siding, wooden floors, and log cabins.

This Woodrich sample kit contains a sample of EFC38, HD80, and Citralic and mildly strips and cleans the deck, fences, siding, and log cabin.

The formula eradicates semi-clear oil-based finishes, dead gray, dirt, mold, algae, and mildew. The Wood Cleaner and mild stripper remover are in powdery form and should be mixed with water to form a liquid consistency that will be used on the wood surface.

After thoroughly cleaning the deck using the EFC38 and HD80, the Citralic Wood Brightener will then be applied on the deck to clean and bring to life the dirty-looking deck wood.

More so, the kit offers the choice of using a particular product over another. The EFC38 is first used to determine the strength and effectiveness of the product on the deck wood.

 Then, the HD80, an acute stripper, is designed to be used after the existing stain or sealer cannot be removed by using the EFC38.


  • Revives all wood types - Woodrich cleaner is a multi-functional cleaning product. The Cleaner and Brightener are used for all wood types.
  • New and fresh - Woodrich kit contains HD80. The HD80 is a more potent product that removes dirt also.
  • Brightens wood - Cleaning products that contain bleach are not right in the woods. The wood brightener and Neutralizer does not contain bleach and quickly brightens the deck wood.
  • Restores surfaces - The kit contains both a cleaner and a brightener. These two together give deck woods a cleaner and brighter restoration.


  • Choosing to use only the HD80 product will darken the deck wood.
SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane - 1 Gallon. Water-based, Low-VOC, waterproofer & stain for decks, fences & log homes.
  • Water-based sealer with advanced penetrating nanotechnology & added strength of Polyurethane. This premium wood sealer performs like an Oil-based product, without any noxious solvents or toxic chemicals.
  • Great investment to enhance and extend the natural life of wood. Protects against water damage for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces & 6 years on horizontal.

This product is beneficial in creating a long-lasting, non-toxic wood seals and stains. It gives superior protection against moisture damage, mold, and decays. The sealer helps wood retain its shape, which is likely to occur after the wood has been exposed to the environmental conditions.

The product combines penetrating nanotechnology to help protect the below surface of the deck wood especially is used in high traffic areas and walkways.

Nano Poly Premium Wood Sealer was designed to give the wood a flexible, breathable barrier that allows the wood to expand and contract quickly and safely.

In preventing moisture, it proves to protect water accumulation for up to 10myears. The product is water-based and eco-safe and dries clear on decks. It is suitable for use on unfinished interior and exterior woods.

It also prevents the effects of solar heat on the wood, as it is UV-resistant, thereby preserving the color of the wood and resists weathering decay.

 More so, it can be used as a deck stain and comes in different colors.


  • Water-based - The product is a water-based sealer with advanced penetrating nanotechnology. It also acts like oil-based sealers and os not have toxic effects on deck wood.
  • Ten years warranty - Nano sealer protects against water damage for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces and six years on a horizontal surface. It is an excellent investment in extending wood life.
  • Ultra-low- VOC - This sealer is friendly to the environment. It does not harm pets, plants, and marine life. It is effortless to apply with soap and water clean-up
  • Preserves wood shape - Woods over time loses its form because of exposure to the heat from the sun and other atmospheric conditions. Nano sealer prevents warping and cupping of the deck wood.
  • Prevents decays - This product is effective in preventing rot, mold, mildew, staining, and decay. Also, it does not peel off as other sealers would
  • UV-resistant - When used on wood as a stain, it creates a UV barrier to prevent wood fading. It’s clear formula also allows woods age naturally and not due to sun effects.


  • The product is transparent, and so does not hide wood grains.
Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint, Gloss White, 1-Quart
  • Ideal for use on fiberglass, wood or metal surfaces above the waterline
  • Oil-based formula is flexible and applies easily with excellent leveling

Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint is UV resistant and durable in extreme weather conditions. It provides long-lasting protection to the wood and adds gloss to woods or metals above the waterline. 

It is produced from a modified alkyd, which allows for a flexible coating to prevent cracking, chipping, and peeling. 

The product helps retain deck color and is suitable to be used on pleasure crafts like speedboats, fishing boats, and sailboats.

Marine Topside Paint is an oil-based paint, and so has the necessary adhesives that are necessary for protecting the deck wood against moisture penetration. Consequently, the deck wood is preserved from getting rut and growing molds.

According to research, Marine Topside Paint proves to last more than a decade if applied. This feature, therefore, makes it cost-effective and time-saving.

Also, because of its thickness, it is considered to be of better quality than ordinary house paints, especially when applied to metals that come in contact with water often.


  • UV resistant - This feature ensures that the color and glossiness of the wood or metal are preserved.
  • Glossy maintenance - It possesses a coating ability that preserves the brilliant nature of the paint and ensures it lasts.
  • Resistant to wearing - It contains an adhesive that resists wearing when in contact with a hard rough surface.
  • Durable - Coating is durable enough to resist extreme weather conditions.
  • Drying time - It dries up in one to two hours.


  • Applying more than one coat within a day might lead to inadequate drying of the paint.
RUST-OLEUM 300113 300113 Gallon 6X Tint Resurfacer
  • Restores the beauty of heavily worn decks
  • One coat application

This product is an excellent product for troubled decks. 10x deck restore is a water-based product. It has a solid acrylic coating that is designed for resurfacing heavily worn floors. 

The build-up texture of the product offers a slip-resistance feature. It is thick enough to cover up a full crack of about ¼ inch, nail holes, and other surface defects or even larger imperfections the deck may have.

The Restore 10x is weather resistant and is designed to be applied on wood or porous concrete surfaces. It is also an algae and mildew growth resistant coating.

Over time, it has ranked no 1 seller in the Tool and Home Improvement section of Amazon. It contains deck sealing adhesive that will preserve the wood from moisture penetration.

Also, this product, just like the name implies, is made to be ten times thicker than any regular deck paint.


  • Used on wearing - It is used best on worn surfaces of wood decks, composite decks, and broom swept concrete patios.
  • Contains deck sealer - Deck sealer creates a resistant feature to algae and mildew growth, which builds up when exposed to moisture.
  • Thick coating - Its hard-wear layer is ten times thicker than ordinary paint.
  • Fixes splinters- The product repairs surface defects and fills up cracks to ¼ inches thick.
  • Dries fast - It is ready for light foot traffic within 24 hours of application and slip-resistant.


  • It should not be used on slippery surfaces.

This product is very suitable for use on old wood and also does well on walls, wood surface restoration, and helps prevent rust.

It's one of the best selling acrylic resin paint that comes in smooth and textured finishes for both wood and concrete surfaces such as decks, porches, boat docks, pool surfaces, patios, and side-walks.

Kliz resurfacer paint is designed to bridges the cracks on decks and hides defects, giving an aged and damaged floor an even look on faded colors on the deck wood.

The product is designed to conceal splinters and cracks up to ¼ inch. It also creates a smooth feel and has a slip-resistant feature.

For optimal durability, two coats are required. It is also suitable to be used with brush, roll, or spray on. The product comes in various colors.


  • Thick - The product has a thick consistency that covers is up to ¼ inch of crack on the deck wood.
  • Slip-resistant - It is also 100% slip-resistant.
  • Smooth - It gives a soft feel to the leg.
  • Surface repairer - The product repairs cracks and flakes on the deck surface.
  • Acrylic-based - It is an acrylic resin that resists deterioration
  • Quickly dries - It also dries within a short time.


  • It has a thickness that can only be smoothened out with the use of a brush.

Anvil Deck-A-New Wood & Concrete Textured Resurfacer is a rejuvenator coating to save concrete and wood from weather damage.

Deck A new’s is beautiful, and well textured solid color finish, structurally sound, concrete patios, composite and wooden decks, porches, walkways steps ensure maximum protection to save the surface for a long time.

The fills cracks and coating encapsulates splinters give wonderful slip resistant finish which is peel, chip, and scuff resistant.

Save exterior vertical, interior verticals, horizontal wood, vertical wood and concrete surface for long time durability.


  • The Deck A New is very excellent
  • Tired adhesive strips are doing work for a couple of months
  • The paint makes the deck very beautiful and expands the life for five years


  • Very thick since they use much sand
RUST-OLEUM 239418 Gallon Tint Water Based Stain
  • The product is Gallon Tint WB Stain
  • Elegant and smooth finish
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Rust-Ileum Gallon Tint Base Stain
  • Penetrating, water-based formula

The stuff is more complicated. The sand filter and the thickness would not permit it to roll out such as regular paint.

Therefore, no need to hope for normal painting techniques. To fill the nail holes splits, gouges and knots, I like to take a brush and do work to fill the holes before the roll.

This makes the system easier to fill the larger problematic areas. The first coat is very hard, and I started to use the second coat as it is easier.

It is almost easier but to get a good even coat; I face problem to fill with the roll.

Purchase many of them as the ends wear out, and mesh begins coming off in chunks and moves to the application, and you need to replace them.


  • The product may not be rolled out if not the roller is saturated. It makes using the product very slow going.
  • The product is wonderful and works unbelievably well
  • The finish is very pleasant before winter comes in


  • The deck is fantastic. There are small areas and cracks where it is peeling after finishing the work
Rust-Oleum 49104 Deck and Concrete with Tint Base, 1-Gallon
  • This item is a Rust-Oleum 49104 Deck and Concrete with Tint Base, 1-Gallon
  • Purpose of use for Building Materials & Ladders, concretes

The product may not be rolled out until it is totally saturated. It makes the product very SLOW GOING. Be sure; you have much time to use the Restore.

If you like to roll very quickly, the product may splatter. It is less than the advertising; so try to get more than you have desired for.

As you like to fill in a 1/4 crack, you need to pull down few coats and permit them to adjust in between; it takes time three to six hours before a recoat.

The fitting of the second coat is well than the first coat. Never think to use double coat simultaneously.

It is the slowest paint project I have ever used, but it seems great. I like to use the lighter color to lessen the sun damage; we like to see it over time that works.


  • Environmentally safe and economical; simple to use and problem free clean up
  • Barefoot- friendly texture, non- slip; weather and water resistant, durable
  • The liquid armor resurfacer forms a tough, resilient coating over remaining decking.


  • Nothing at all

Why is it Necessary to Apply Deck Restoration Coating?

Resist moisture

Deck restore helps resist rain, snow, dew, and humidity, which makes the deck wood soft, bloated, and grows moldy.

Averts wood exposure and attacks

 It prevents wood from drying up, cracking, and changing color or shape when under heat, and paints like lowes deck restore can help keep the wood from algae and mildew growth, and insect attacks.

Visual attraction

Deck restoration coating gives deck wood an upgrade in visual appeal and satisfaction.


It allows for the addition of a slip-resistant surface, especially for stairs.

How to Apply Deck Restoration

Learning tricks in restoring your deck will make the job faster and give a lasting result. Here's how to use deck restoration products on your deck.

1. Prepare the surface

Make sure the wood is set to get the best of your deck restoration.

A cost-effective way of restoring your deck is to inspect the entire deck, especially the part of the deck directly attached to the ground.

Also, inspect the areas that are connected to the house. Fix the nails that attach the deck to the house, and look out for missing, rusted or bent nails and get them fixed.

2. Clean the surface

Depending on the state of the deck, use a deck cleaner. Clean off debris with a broom.

The best cleaners to use are oxygen-based wood cleaners. They are powerful for removing mildew stains and bleaching on the wood deck.

Again, clean the wood deck surface using a power washer, if your deck needs a deep cleaning.

Cleaning usually requires the use of pressure. But, this is dependent on the physical condition of your deck. If possible, use low pressure, but ensure it is sufficient enough.

3. Sand the deck

Once the deck board is fixed, cleaned, and dry, sand the wood deck using sandpaper. It removes wood fibers that often remain raised.

It also gives the product a better surface to work on and helps to open up the wood pores to soak up the paint properly.

4. Select a deck restore paint

Next is to select the type of stain or paint you want for your deck.

Conduct a splash test to confirm how the stain or paint will look with or on your deck wood before purchase.

5. Paint your deck

Whether you decide to use paint or stain on your deck, it will still have that new, fresh and appealing look.

Choosing to paint your deck gives you the privilege of giving your deck a unique look. Two different ways of achieving this are:

  • Using an oil-based deck paint

  • Oil-based paints are durable, but they are not flexible. They will not change alongside the wood in unfavorable weather conditions. Also, because woods usually change in shape over time, the oil-based paints will splinter, and the color of the wood deck will dull over time.
  • Acrylic-based deck paint

  • The most significant advantage of this paint is that it is flexible. It will contract with the wood in extreme weather conditions, and retain the color of the deck.

Before using either an oil-based paint or an acrylic based paint, take into account the base paint used on the deck before. Oil-based paint will not hold on an acrylic based paint, and vice versa.

6. Staining your deck

Stains give the deck a more natural look. This method highlights the natural warm colors on the wood.

There are two options when it comes to staining your deck. They are water and oil-based staining. But, the water staining is easier to clean. It creates a better and more beautiful blend with the atmospheric surroundings of the deck.

7. Finished deck

Now the project is completed to your taste, do not forget to give your deck a final touch by cleaning it up.

Benefits of Using Deck Restore

  • Deck restore rids the deck of algae and mildew growth
  • It gives a deck a new lease to life.
  • Deck restoration revives the deck by cleansing it of rot and decay.
  • It enables the deck wood to resist wetness
  • It makes the deck look more appealing, attractive, and beautiful.
  • The process offers an opportunity to make the deck slip-resistant, thereby avoiding accidents.

Other Helpful Restore Paint Tips

  • Other tips that will help achieve a beautifully restored deck, whether painted or stained are:
  • Always use a deck sealer after painting or staining your deck. Deck sealers and deck strainers are two different products.
  • Deck Sealer is a transparent finish that is either absorbed by the wood or remains glued on the surface of the deck wood. The deck sealer's primary purpose is to lock out moisture from penetrating the wood and causing decays or defects in the deck wood.
  • Use a deck sealer six months after installing a new deck.
  • Ensure you re-apply the stain and oil on your floor to keep it at its best.
  • Do not apply any product on your deck when it’s raining.
  • Avoid treating your deck when the sun is scorching.
  • Always remember to give your floor a good clean.

How to choose deck strippers and cleaners

A deck stripper is a great thing to remove the old loose stain as well as deck sealers prior brightening or cleaning.

It removes the finish lose from wood like a furniture stripper can do. The product will aid you to be free from an old color or use a new stain color.

Normally, there are two types of deck cleaners: one type can eliminate the thin layer of gray, the dead wood fibers from the top and exposes the clear wood beneath.

The other removes unsightly green and black stains from the surface like mildew. When you see this situation, remove mildew first and then wash, after that use a sophisticated deck cleaner.

If you like to buy the best one, give more attention on the one-gallon plastic jug. Some cleaners may cost more, but if you see closely, you will find that gallon container mixes with water to create a five gallon of cleaning solution.

Deck Restore Application Tips, & Review after 1 year

Deck Restore Reviews FAQs

Are deck stains and deck seals the same?

Deck stains and deck seals are not the same. Deck stains are a type of deck restore product, while deck seals are used to lock out moisture from the deck.

Why are oil-based paints better than acrylic-based paints?

During extreme weather conditions, oil-based paints crack, but acrylic based paints do not.

Why do I need to conduct a splash test?

Testing a restore paint before use is crucial because it gives you a preview of what your deck will look like after the product is applied.

Which of the products is proven to cover cracks better?

To cover cracks better, its good you use Restore 10x Advanced Resurface, as it is ten times thicker than regular paints, and has other advantages too.

What is the difference between Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint and Restore 10x Advanced Resurface?

The significant difference between the two is in their thickness. Restore 10x is thicker than Rust-Oleum and is tagged the best of all Rust-Oleum products.

Final Thoughts

Deck restoration is a fantastic way of bringing back the lost glory of cracked and outdated deck wood. Before you decide to do away with your deck, use deck restore to revive your deck.

This Deck Restore review can serve as a guide to making the best choice.

Looking for a quality deck restore to use? Try Restore Advanced Resurface. It is thicker than regular paints, slip-resistant, and, most importantly, contains deck sealer.

However, if you're out for cost-effective products, Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint is an excellent choice. It is glossy, durable, and dries within two hours.

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