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Best Friend Picture Frames Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

The frame of the best quality is made of wood or metal. Wooden frames are more inviting, warmer and traditional look. This is the combination of some pieces of artwork such as a gorgeous color photograph, painting, an heirloom piece.

The metal frames tend to make a bolder for having straight edges as well as sharp corners and industrial look. Moreover, metals are being used for the white and black photograph and other modern media.

best friend picture frames

To distinguish the difference between metal and wood, can you think the Mona Lisa Set is made of metal frame?

Would it not look awkward, out of place this contemporary and modern frame? The white and black photograph of Brooklyn Bridge seems it will be the right in a metal frame.

Best Friend Picture Frames – Comparison Chart

Check NowShipping WeightEditor's Rating

Malden Friends Picture Frame

8.8 ounces4.8 out of 5 stars

Wind & Sea Picture Frame

1.3 pounds4.5 out of 5 stars

BarnwoodUSA Picture Frame

1.9 pounds4.6 out of 5 stars

Mirrored Glass Picture Frame

1.2 pounds4.4 out of 5 stars

Friends Desktop Picture Frame

13.6 ounces4.9 out of 5 stars

Malden International Designs Friends Picture Frame

Malden International Designs Friends Picture Frame

The color of the frame is a good shade of brown. The frame is nice to look at. It is well made and you can present it as a birthday or Xmas gift for your near and dear one.

I think the frame is darker. I opened the box and found it is rich brown, not color in black brown, instead of red-brown which is great and like it.

Features of Malden International Designs Picture Frame

  • Frame is made of wood and has sentimental words
  • Suggested 4X6 inch picture
  • Wonderful gift
  • Screen printed design
  • Use as a gift for some memorable events


  • The frame is very nice to look at
  • Wonderful frame and picture is very attractive
  • Attractive and very nice quality


  • None

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Wind & Sea Magnetic Picture Collage Frame

Wind & Sea Magnetic Picture Collage Frame

The collage frame is made of flexible black plastic along with clear oversheet to make a boundary of the whole size.

I like the frame as you can use it horizontally and vertically. I ordered the product.

The reality is that the picture is better than the real products. There is no way of misleading for having defective materials.

I like to have the picture on the fridge; it is very good as they are not breezing round and hung with the clips.

If they make the backing little sturdier to the edge, it looks better. The price of the product is pretty good.

Features of Wind & Sea Magnetic Picture Collage Frame

  • Two pack magnetic picture of Collage frame is made in Black- every display hold five 4X six photos, total ten pictures
  • Flexible magnetic backing – SlamProof – may not fall off if you shut the door- ever.
  • Simple front loading pockets- update or add photos just in the refrigerator
  • An excellent gift for dad, mom, wedding, grandparents, anniversaries and birthdays
  • Black or Sateen Fridges, Sticks Great To White, File Cabinet, Tool Chest, School Locker, Magnetic Dry Erase Board


  • The magnetic frame makes the pictures on fridge
  • Enter 5 of your dear4x six photos into front loading and easy pockets
  • Attach the super strong magnetic sheet to your fridge first


  • Seems to be very cheap

>>Check Price of The Wind & Sea Magnetic Picture Collage Frame<<


BarnwoodUSA Rustic 8 by 10 Signature Picture Frame – 100% Wood

BarnwoodUSA Rustic 8 by 10 Signature Picture Frame - 100% Wood

If you are asking for a smooth finish, the frame is just for you. It is rustic, described and natural exactly that you are going to have.

I was in confusion to order it as some of the comments. Now I ordered additional frames.

It is easy to hand, lightweight, the width may not overpower of the print inside. The product arrives in due time. The price of the product is great no doubt.

Features of BarnwoodUSA Picture Frame

  • Outside Dimensions of Frame are 11W X 13H X 1.5D Inches
  • 100% Upcycled accurate Reclaimed Wood, Individually Hand Crafted
  • The product comes with hanger backing to hang, has complete glass, wall mounting, random nail holes, and splinters.
  • Perfect to hold 8 x 10-inch photograph
  • Made in the USA


  • Ready to use. No need to set it up
  • May be used on the desktop frame also
  • Comes as a total kit along with glass, hanger, and easel back.


  • None

>>Check Price of BarnwoodUSA Rustic Picture Frame<<


Malden International Designs Mirrored Glass Friends Picture Frame

Malden International Designs Mirrored Glass Friends Picture Frame

Decorate your home with the office, home or dorm of the modern frame. The design by Malden is the great way to express yourself and give you a fun accent to your décor.

The simple and modern design combines with the other frame look uncommon. You may put it inside the box to make a wonderful gift. The business started in a small brick building in Malden Massachusetts.

For three generations the busing is going on. Now it has got the top position. It is the leader of wall frames, tabletop frames, and photo albums.

Features of Malden International Designs Mirrored Glass Picture Frame

  • Mirrored glass with silver metal border
  • Hold 4×6 photos
  • Elegant. Goes with all decor.
  • A pocket to slide the photo to the back except needing to unscrew panels or will take anything apart.
  • Wipes clean


  • It is very powerful, and the frame is made of glass likely the cover of the real picture
  • The quality is superb and may constantly be the part of our memory
  • A pocket for sliding the protein at the back without needing to unscrew any panel or take anything separately.


  • The frame is nice, but it scratched for metal component round the picture

>>Check Price of Malden Mirrored Glass With Silver Frame<<


Malden International Designs Friends Desktop ExpressionsPicture Frame

Malden International Designs Friends Desktop ExpressionsPicture Frame

It is difficult to obtain the photos in, though. You just remove the glass pieces of the base and keep the photo between the 2. After that sliding glass back to the base.

It seems a bit of pain on the neck. The picture looks great to the place. The picture is well packaged and well made. I have bought another frame for my niece and nephew.

Features of Malden International Designs Silver Picture Frame

  • Desktop frame is made from wood and metal
  • Great gift
  • Suggested for 4×6 inch photos
  • Use the frame for special memories
  • Stenciled sentimental words on the base


  • Strapping frame and very attractive
  • Customer service is praiseworthy, and I got replacement instantly
  • Initially got a frame along with crack in the wooded section


  • Costlier compare with other products

>>Check Price of Malden Desktop Expression with Silver rame<<


The Mat Boards

best friend picture frames

The second and most complicated step is to buy the frame. Take a decision to buy Mat Board frame. It is made of a colored material, and you may keep it between the glass and the art.

The main purpose is to keep an air space between the artwork and the glass so that two does not stick to them. The other purpose is to make a border between the two things. Therefore viewers will look inward and toward the piece.

There have three decisions to choose to the mat. They are a quality grade, colors and the number of layers.

At the Image Frame Guys, there are three grades of matting: Select (better), Decorative (good) and Ragmat (best).


Decorative is the less level of artwork protection. The thing is made with wood pulp and coated with an uncommon chemical to decrease the damage by acidity. The mat will last from five to seven years. The frame is suitable for replaceable art like photos. Or for the art, that is not for the long lasting issue like school projects.


Select grade is a type of better level conversation matboard. This is the workhorse of framing industry. The thing is made of acidic wood pulp. It reduces acidity as the pulp is in the liquid form. The great is perfect for a basic level of conservation framing for purposes like reprints or limited edition. The price is awesome.


Ragmat is the best matboard type of conservation point of view. It is designed from 100% cotton and therefore there is no acid in it. Cotton is a durable material which may save any piece for next generation. The downside of the cotton-based mats is that it is very expensive.

Best friend picture frames sizes

best friend picture frames

From our experience, we can say that this is most utilized and popular size. The size holds a wide range of poster sizes, photograph sizes, art print sizes, poster sized, and much common sized. Our favorite size is

Frame Sizes 5×7

5×7’s is the common frame size as many photographs you can print on it. This is the best size to keep the photo on the desktop at the workplace, at home and to offer someone as a valuable memory near and dear to you.

Frame Sizes 8×10

8×10 picture frames so far are the most selling frames in the USA. Again 8×10 is a popular picture size. The frame is perfect in the sense that it has a mat. The frame comes off the white mat for 5×7 images, permit you to Mat 5×7 picture to aid highlight the memories.

Frame Sizes 11×14

11×14 frames are being used for 8×10 images and include white mat. Customers like to use the frame as the can use the frame with the mat, highlight the 11×14 photographs and remove the frame. Our frame offers all this versatility. This is the best frame in the USA as you can use it in various event and occasions.

Frame Sizes 16×20

best friend picture frames

You like to buy a medium size frame for pictures. So 16×20 size is the best size for you. The frame also includes a white mat for 11×14 images. The option gives just two inches of matting on each side of the images. The frame is excellent as you can highlight it to the wall, or mix it with another frame to make collage frame for your wall.

Frame Sizes 24×36

24×36 is the largest size in our frame. The main purpose of this frame is to sell posters on it. If you like to have a poster for your dorm room, you can buy it.  You can also apply it in your home and office. The frame is nice picture size frame indeed.

If you like to buy the best frame, the first thing you need is to measure the image. All frames are based on the inside dimensions.

So you will get 8×10 images. Please do not use the mat,  you like to order 8×10 frame. If your frame is a 11×14 image, do not add a mat. To accommodate this, you need to use a large frame.

Final Verdict

In a picture frame, you will get the plane of a picture framing glass or that acrylic glass substitute like plexiglass, acrylic to save the picture. For some cases, the art inside the frame is durable or dispensable.

The glass is a common thing for watercolors or artwork over the paper, but uncommon on oil painting, only not in some expensive museum. There is an anti-reflecting coating over the glass to make it visible under some lighting conditions.

When the frame exposed to the direct sunlight or the harsh lighting condition like fluorescent light, the UV filtering may add the life of the frame of organic materials beyond picture framing glass. So you may keep photo inside the frame for the longest time.


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